AOPA Live This Week

AOPA Live This Week - July 12, 2012

A possible buyer for Hawker Beechcraft, insight and analysis from the insiders. Fly along in WWII-era biplanes as some top notch pilots do daring feats in open-air antiques. Tom Haines gets up close and personal with lions and leopards in Africa. See how GA takes you places that other means of transportation can’t.

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AOPA Live This Week - June 20, 2013

30:54 min

Months of federal silence on general aviation aircraft searches by Customs and Border Protection agents have prompted a final demand for answers from AOPA, along with advice for pilots, and a plan to act if answers are not forthcoming. Also this week, a successful ditching is only half the battle: AOPA Live got our feet wet with an in-depth look at open water survival training, picking up some potentially life-saving tips and tricks. We’ll review the latest David Clark headset, a brand-new model built for comfort. Rod Machado’s regular “License to Learn” segment will explain flutter, and what that has to do with those little drain holes in aircraft control surfaces that you may have wondered about.

AOPA Live This Week - June 13, 2013

23:53 min

A big step towards replacing 100LL. The inside story on FAA's user fee demands to AirVenture in Oshkosh. New aerobatic airplanes from American Champion and Waco Classic. Dealing with depression - it happens to pilots, too. The faces behind those "Pull up! Terrain!" warnings.

AOPA Live This Week - June 6, 2013

16:54 min

Chasing toilet paper through the sky has a serious purpose. New AOPA Aviation Finance Company makes it easier to get financing for an airplane,avionics or engine overhaul. Rod Machado shows how to increase your chances of surviving a crash. Part 2 of the top ten stupid things pilots do to sabotage their medicals.

AOPA Live This Week - May 30, 2013

15:34 min

Civilian formation flying school; trust your leader. Stupid things pilots do to mess up their medical certificates - a Fly Well report from Dr. Jonathan Sackier. ICON aircraft challenges the feds.

AOPA Live This Week - May 23, 2013

19:39 min

More innocent pilots interdicted by CBP. A look at a tornado's aftermath. Pulling the curtains back on the new Taking charge of your health to keep you flying.

AOPA Live This Week - May 16, 2013

21:42 min

Disturbing trend of federal agents searching private aircraft. Flying a Super Cub across the Atlantic for a unique purpose. Rod Machado shows you how to really see and avoid.

AOPA Live This Week - May 9, 2013

17:49 min

AOPA takes legal action against the FAA. Learn how to roll. Check out the new AOPA web site. Plus, this aircraft flew more than five times the speed of sound. Learn what it could mean to GA.

AOPA Live This Week - May 2, 2013

15:33 min

The furlough is over, but do we need to reexamine FAA funding? Big tax reduction in Indiana thanks to AOPA. A thermal shock to your engine is a good thing sometimes, says Rod Machado. Updates to AOPA FlyQ EFB for the iPad. And a Beaver on floats -- easier than you think.

AOPA Live This Week - April 25, 2013 .

13:36 min

FAA furloughs clogging up the system. What GA pilots can do to avoid delays. High altitude and high G training at NASTAR. Even civilians can do it. Fight fatigue - a Fly Well report. And a do-it-yourself full cockpit 707 simulator.

AOPA Live This Week - April 18, 2013

23:18 min

FAA says the "driver's license medical" isn't an important issue. Rod Machado's "License to Learn" on high density altitude takeoffs. An airplane that lands shorter than your car can stop.

AOPA Live This Week - April 11, 2013

24:24 min

AOPA Live at Sun 'n Fun. Administration's 2014 budget includes user fees; AOPA vows a fight. A sleek new airplane from Brazil. The best, most affordable simulator with a huge community behind it. And a peek at the new panel of your AOPA Sweepstakes Debonair.

AOPA Live This Week - April 4, 2013

20:27 min

Line up and wait; more than customary delays at FXE. Rod Machado has a tip to keep you from losing an arm or a leg. The L-39 was one thing, but a MiG 15 is something else again. And we test fly the amphibious Searey.

AOPA Live This Week - March 28, 2013

19:18 min

GA in the crosshairs. From customs inspections to air traffic control, the administration makes life miserable for general aviation pilots. A 172 pilot tries her stick skills at jet fighter school. If you need to find a path to a runway NOW, we've got an app for you.

AOPA Live This Week - March 21, 2013

16:51 min

ABC News unfairly and inaccurately attacks GA safety. We set the record straight. Harrison Ford speaks up for GA before Congress. A milestone for the Eclipse 550. March madness strikes AOPA. And Fly Well - a new series on your health and piloting.

AOPA Live This Week - March 14, 2013

21:45 min

Up close look at sequestration effects at one airport -- Santa Fe Municipal in New Mexico. Training the best for the worst. An exclusive video look inside the Coast Guard's elite Advanced Helicopter Rescue School at Astoria, Oregon. A look at the next generation -- the 5th to be exact -- of the Cirrus SR22T. And Rod Machado has a quick lesson on how to reawaken your feet.

AOPA Live This Week - March 7, 2013

17:28 min

The latest news from Heli-Expo in Las Vegas. GA gets angry about the sequester. The ins and outs of spins, and your sweepstakes Debonair gets an avionics 'sweet.'

AOPA Live This Week - February 28, 2013

31:00 min

Hear from Craig Fuller about his decision to step down from AOPA. Also, what does sequestration mean to you? Plus, we fly with TOP GUN.

AOPA Live This Week - February 21, 2013

11:01 min

It's taken 9 months and a Chapter 11, but the Beechcraft Corporation is out of bankruptcy court and looking to the future. The Seneca V gets a G-1000 and rebuilding an original Curtiss hangar.

AOPA Live This Week - February 14, 2013

21:57 min

The figures are flat, but is GA flat-lined? We digest the numbers from the GAMA State of the Industry. Plus, we fly into Glacier National Park.

AOPA Live This Week - February 14, 2013

21:57 min

The figures are flat, but is GA flat-lined? We digest the numbers from the GAMA State of the Industry. Plus, we fly into Glacier National Park.

AOPA Live This Week - February 7, 2013

13:25 min

The pilot who ditched in the Hudson tells her story. Exclusive news on the turbine-powered back-country Sherpa. Washington takes a stab at GA ... again. High praise for the AOPA Air Safety Institute from the NTSB.

AOPA Live This Week - January 31, 2013

16:10 min

New series, 'License to Learn,' with Rod Machado. Go flying with the youngest precision team. David Clark is more than headsets.

AOPA Live This Week - January 24, 2013

13:43 min

We show you the Light Sport Expo in Sebring, Florida. Check out the flying car! Also, getting a tailwheel endorsement. Plus we have Patty Wagstaff performing at night.

AOPA Live This Week - January 17, 2013

19:26 min

Firestorm over the arrest of 70 year old glider pilot for "violating" non-existent "no-fly" zone. We test fly the new Tecnam P92 Tail Dragger. Seeing the dark with the MaxViz 600 infrared vision system for Cessnas. Talking to the creators of the Solar Impulse aircraft. And remembering airshow pilot Fred Cabanas.

AOPA Live This Week - January 10, 2013

19:11 min

Flying a glider is a "breach of peace?" The incredible story of a pilot arrested and jailed for flying through a non-existent "no-fly" zone. Budget woes haven't ended for the FAA. A luxury LSA straight from the designer's heart. And an exclusive interview with actor/pilot James Lipton, host of "Inside the Actors' Studio."

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