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AOPA Live This Week - April 28, 2016

14:45 min

Is flying "On the Step" faster or is it a myth? We interview Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup Pilot Kevin Coleman. Explore what flying G-A in Europe really looks like. Flying across the Pacific on solar power alone. Learn more about the next AOPA Sweepstakes airplane.

AOPA Live This Week - April 21, 2016

25:09 min

The latest from Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany. Flying a Float Beaver and other seaplanes. Win a ride in a P-51 Mustang.

AOPA Live This Week - April 14, 2016

13:45 min

Photographs and videos captured by those who fly the AirCam, a unique open-cockpit twin, have helped build the aircraft's following. Ride along with Red Bull Air Race World Championship pilot Hannes Arch as he puts his precision-flying skills to the test turning a wind farm into a slalom course. A father, a daughter, and a seaplane rating for two prove to be just the sort of fun that builds an aviation family's bond.

AOPA Live This Week - April 7, 2016

21:57 min

Announced at Sun 'n Fun, AOPA is giving away another airplane, one of many ways the association is supporting new flying clubs with tools, expertise, and assets. A breakthrough that opens the door for cheaper, innovative avionics for your aircraft. And some innovative avionics options rolled out at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Those who put their lives on the line to fight for our freedom received a special honor at Sun 'n Fun: A veteran who flew the Flying Fortress during World War II returned to the sky aboard a B-17, along with a Tuskegee Airmen pilot who flew cover (and later, the B-29). A turboprop arrived from across the Atlantic cloaked in mystery. AOPA Editor at Large Tom Horne got a peek behind the curtain ahead of the unveiling of the TBM 930.

AOPA Live This Week - March 31, 2016

16:27 min

FAA Deputy Administrator Michael Whitaker flies with AOPA Editor in Chief Tom Haines to see Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast traffic and weather information displayed inside the cockpit of a Bonanza, and explains why pilots should equip with the technology. Go behind the scenes of JAARS, a Christian missionary organization based in North Carolina that uses general aviation to reach remote areas of the world. Find out which two unleaded aviation fuels passed rigorous material compatibility and rig testing and will move forward to Phase 2 testing in aircraft and engines. AOPA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs David Oord explains.

AOPA Live This Week - March 24, 2016

15:57 min

The AOPA You Can Fly 152 Reimagined Sweepstakes airplane has a new owner. A new world record for inverted flat spins. Ike's Super Connie flys again.

AOPA Live This Week - March 17, 2016

16:27 min

Aviation for Millennials! A report from the first Modaero. A small step for legislation, a step forward for medical certificate reform. A roaring start for the Yanks in Abu Dhabi. Rod Machado on how to tame the glideslope needle.

AOPA Live This Week - March 10, 2016

17:24 min

Big movement in Washington as the Senate moves on FAA Reauthorization and the FAA moves on the Part 23 rewrite. A Cirrus parachute rescue caught on tape. We fly the Diamond DA62. A Guinness World Record attempt for a good cause.

AOPA Live This Week - March 3, 2016

16:14 min

AOPA fights for WASP's to be allowed once again to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery. We talk with Florence Shutsy Reynolds about the battle. Coverage from Heli Expo. Flying with a cold? Its a no-go.

AOPA Live This Week- February 25, 2016

12:58 min

FAA Reauthorization is sitting still. Upset recovery training in a corporate jet. We spend a weekend with the grandson of aviation legend Igor Sikorsky. See the new Virgin Galactic spaceship.

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