AOPA Live This Week

AOPA Live This Week - April 17, 2014

The Los Angeles Times shines the light on Customs and Border Protection's actions against innocent pilots. The latest on the driver's license medical. Where warbirds come home to roost, and saving an airport.

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AOPA Live This Week - September 13, 2012

22:13 min

A seaplane rescue off the California coast, landing after losing a main wheel, a preview of AOPA Summit in Palm Springs, we fly the Bombardier Global 6000, and a place in the world where they love general aviation.

AOPA Live This Week - September 6, 2012

23:49 min

AOPA Live This Week from the Democratic National Convention. President Obama answers our questions about user fees and funding NextGen, while congressional Democrats just say ‘no’ to anything but the gas tax. An epic cross country in a J-3 Cub. Boy, are their butts sore. And a first look at the Garmin G5000 in an experimental LearJet.

AOPA Live This Week - August 30, 2012

25:04 min

This week we fly the new Velocity V-Twin, see what AOPA is doing to represent General Aviation at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and salute Neil Armstrong.

AOPA Live This Week - August 23, 2012

23:24 min

AOPA Live exclusive -- first video of flying the new turbo-diesel Cessna 182 JT-A. Politics and TFRs have to mix. An aviation high school where Eclipse used to stand, and how a PC-12 makes a big difference in a little boy's life. This and lots more on AOPALive This Week--from Wichita.

AOPA Live This Week August 16, 2012

22:55 min

Fly high in the French Alps, learn what sequestration means to pilots and find out lessons learned from a crash documented in a viral video.

AOPA Live This Week - August 9, 2012

25:36 min

Cirrus and Icon partner to build the A5 amphib LSA, what we can learn from the French about general aviation, one airport dies but another survives and prospers after the tornado, and building young interests in aviation by building an airplane.

AOPA Live This Week - August 2, 2012

24:12 min

A quick review of AirVenture 2012 at Oshkosh, AOPA launches AV8RS to bring the kids to aviation, a general aviation safari in Botswana, and will they call the new ship the Goodyear Zeppelin?

AOPA Live This Week - July 28, 2012, AirVenture special

19:00 min

Final report from AirVenture 2012. A look at the volunteers on Flight Line ops, a chat with EAA President Rod Hightower, a roundup of ADS-B boxes, the Lisa Akoya amphib, and much more from Oshkosh.

AOPA Live This Week - July 27, 2012, AirVenture special

22:01 min

Camping under the wing at AirVenture, FAA Administrator talks about user fees, judging aircraft, and a Falco from down under.

AOPA Live This Week - July 26, 2012, AirVenture Special

22:10 min

A first look at the jet-fueled Cessna 182 NXT, celebrating 75 years of a little yellow airplane, crossing the Atlantic on battery power alone, only three women in the U.S. can claim this aviation achievement, and using aviation to improve educational achievement. All this and more from AirVenture .

AOPA Live This Week - July 23, 2012, AirVenture preview

10:51 min

On the opening day of AirVenuture 2012, a preview of what to expect, some hints of major news from Cessna, and a look at what it takes to put the show together.

AOPA Live This Week - July 19, 2012

31:27 min

Do the Chinese have designs on our aviation industry? An expert analysis. At the Flying Circus, flying bad means you're really good. We fly along with the FAA flight check crews. A checkout in the AOPA Sweepstakes Husky.

AOPA Live This Week - July 12, 2012

19:21 min

A possible buyer for Hawker Beechcraft, insight and analysis from the insiders. Fly along in WWII-era biplanes as some top notch pilots do daring feats in open-air antiques. Tom Haines gets up close and personal with lions and leopards in Africa. See how GA takes you places that other means of transportation can’t.

AOPA Live This Week - July 4, 2012

31:19 min

Exclusive interview with Sen. Inhofe on the Pilots' Bill of Rights just passed by the Senate,flying fighter aircraft from World War I, what it's like to be part of the Air Force's Thunderbirds team, the Cessna Corvallis in flight, a flying African safari, and a special Independence Day message from AOPA President Craig Fuller.

AOPA Live This Week - June 28, 2012

22:50 min

Tom Haines flys the Cessna Corvallis TTx, major milestone towards an unleaded aviation fuel, a Sentimental Journey to Lock Haven, PA, and more!

AOPA Live This Week June 21, 2012

25:41 min

The NTSB tackles general aviation safety, flying the turbine powered Lancair Evolution, a small community finds economic value in its airport, a flight over southern Africa and more!

AOPA Live This Week June 14, 2012

26:29 min

'Driver's license' medical is one step closer, but pilots have to act now! The perils of thunderstorm encounters in aircraft and how to give pilot reports to provide forecasters with more data about severe weather. We fly the 1902 Wright glider. Find out what’s changed in the private and commercial pilot airplane practical test standards. And the finale of the River Run as the AirCam finally gets home.

AOPA Live This Week - June 7, 2012

31:12 min

A general aviation mission to do good in Mexico turns tragically bad, a major milestone for the Eclipse 550, a new aircraft from Maule, and the Sli ng LSA is approved, and a look at upset training at the Sean D. Tucker Tutima Academy.

AOPA Live This Week - May 31, 2012

29:48 min

Dancing with Sean D. Tucker, an unusual response to a midair collision, flying an Aircam up the lazy river, finding corrosion in your aircraft, and an airplane with 'Prius power.'

AOPA Live This Week - May 24, 2012

37:10 min

Exclusive interview with former FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, flying the RV1, electric airplanes, and astronauts Gene Cernan and Jim Lovell on the US space program, the Met Life blimp, an SBD Dauntless & more!

AOPA Live This Week - May 17, 2012

35:40 min

Fly the breezy, Diamond's new twins, a storied C-47, an aviation museum where you'd least expect it, and the latest GA news.

AOPA Live This Week - May 10, 2012

31:20 min

Join host Tom Haines for a comprehensive look at this week in general aviation.

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