Fly Well - Flu

Dr. Jonathan Sackier offers tips for preventing the flu.

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Fly Well - Was that for me?

3:30 min

Hearing loss and protection for pilots.

Fly Well - My favorite gas

2:53 min

Dr. Jonathan Sackier explains why you might need more oxygen when flying.

Fly Well - Food aloft

3:20 min

Dr. Jonathan Sackier on the importance of drinking and eating the right stuff when you are flying.

Fly Well - Mental Illness

3:20 min

Depression can even strike pilots. But the FAA has changed regulations to allow special issuance certification for pilots using certain anti-depressant medications. Dr. Jonathan Sackier reports.

Fly Well - Ten Stupid Things Pilots do to Sabotage their Medicals - Part 2

3:25 min

The conclusion of Dr. Jonathan Sackier's list of things pilots do that can lead to a denial of a medical certificate.

AOPA medications database

0:49 min

The FAA won't tell you, but AOPA can. Our exclusive online database of the specific medications that can disqualify you from getting a medical certificate.

Fly Well - Ten Stupid Things - Part 1

3:14 min

Ten stupid things pilots do -- or don't do, that could mess them up in the AME's office. A Fly Well report from Dr. Jonathan Sackier.

Fly Well - Not the TSA

3:58 min

You don't like the TSA poking at you, but your doctor should be a different story.

Fly Well - Pilot preflight

2:46 min

You preflight your airplane, but how often do you check yourself to make sure you are safe to fly? Before every flight, ensure that I M SAFE. Dr. Jonathan Sackier explains.

Fly Well - Good night's sleep

2:41 min

Fighting fatigue? Not sleeping well. You might be suffering from sleep apnea, and that could be dangerous to your flying. Dr. Jonathan Sackier explains.

What (not) to Eat - DE

2:29 min

Al Marsh talks with an in flight Nutritionist.

Pilots overgross

11:14 min

The battle of the bulge. Dr. Jonathan Sackier on what pilots need to know about weight control.

Flying after a heart attack

6:17 min

JoAnn Wilson from AOPA's medical certification department talks about getting your wings back after a heart incident.

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16 to 30 of 30 results