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AOPA Summit in Fort Worth

0:28 min

Fort Worth will host the AOPA Aviation Summit this year October 10-12.

Formation flying for civilians

4:37 min

Formation flying school for RV owners.

AOPA Live This Week - May 30, 2013

15:34 min

Civilian formation flying school; trust your leader. Stupid things pilots do to mess up their medical certificates - a Fly Well report from Dr. Jonathan Sackier. ICON aircraft challenges the feds.

AOPA Live This Week - May 23, 2013

19:39 min

More innocent pilots interdicted by CBP. A look at a tornado's aftermath. Pulling the curtains back on the new Taking charge of your health to keep you flying.

License to Learn - The Troxler Effect

4:23 min

How to REALLY see and avoid.

Fly Well - Pilot preflight

2:46 min

You preflight your airplane, but how often do you check yourself to make sure you are safe to fly? Before every flight, ensure that I M SAFE. Dr. Jonathan Sackier explains.

Craig Fuller interview on controller furlough, FAA funding

6:18 min

AOPA President talks about end of the controller furlough, and examining changes in FAA funding.

Furlough delays

1:31 min

Latest news on FAA air traffic controller furloughs and ATC system delays.


3:51 min

National Aerospace Training and Research Center offers high altitude and high G training to civilian pilots.

707 Simulator

2:06 min

A do it yourself Boeing 707 simulator with a full physical cockpit.

Fly Well - Good night's sleep

2:41 min

Fighting fatigue? Not sleeping well. You might be suffering from sleep apnea, and that could be dangerous to your flying. Dr. Jonathan Sackier explains.

SuperSTOL landing

0:15 min

This video shows the airplane landing in a 15 knot crosswind at Lakeland, Fla., and the pilot is using the technique written about in the story.


0:43 min

New homebuilt from Brazil.


3:18 min

Sun 'n Fun 2013

1:17 min

AOPA Live This Week - April 4, 2013

20:27 min

Line up and wait; more than customary delays at FXE. Rod Machado has a tip to keep you from losing an arm or a leg. The L-39 was one thing, but a MiG 15 is something else again. And we test fly the amphibious Searey.

GA under attack

5:24 min

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76 to 100 of 101 results