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AOPA demands answers on CBP authority to stop and search domestic aircraft

3:35 min

AOPA challenges Customs and Border Protection's authority to stop and search pilots and aircraft on domestic flights inside the U.S.

Solar Impulse inflight interview

10:43 min

AOPA talks to Solar Impulse pilot Andre Borschberg inflight from St. Louis to Cincinnati.

FAA seeks candidate replacement fuels for 100LL.mp4

12:17 min

Interview with AOPA VP of Regulatory Affairs Rob Hackman on the progress towards finding a replacement for 100LL.

AirVenture ATC fees interview

14:58 min

EAA Chairman Jack Pelton on the FAA holding AirVenture at Oshkosh hostage to air traffic control user fees.

FlyQ Pocket update

0:25 min

Updates add new functionality to the AOPA FlyQ Pocket app available exclusively and free to AOPA members for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

New AOPA Aviation Finance Company

1:50 min

New resource to help pilots finance aircraft, avionics, and engine purchases.

New goes live

0:45 min

AOPA's website redesigned to make it easier to use, easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

CBP targets innocent pilots

4:04 min

Follow up story on Customs and Border Protection agents targeting innocent pilots.


1:22 min

Interview with HondaJet designer on flight of 5th conforming prototype and future of the innovative design.

Santa Monica landing fees

0:26 min

AOPA opposes outrageous landing fees at SMO.

How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants and Animals by Seaplane

19:20 min

How to avoid picking up aquatic hitchhikers with your seaplane.

Big reduction in Indiana aviation taxes

1:04 min

AOPA works with Indiana legislature for big reductions in aviation taxes.

Customs delays at FXE

0:47 min

AOPA helps solve customs delay problem at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

FAA controller furlough ended

2:53 min

Controller furlough ended after one week, but fate of general aviation control towers uncertain.

Furlough delays

1:31 min

Latest news on FAA air traffic controller furloughs and ATC system delays.


0:43 min

New homebuilt from Brazil.

Sun 'n Fun 2013

1:17 min

Towers Closing

2:48 min

GA under attack

5:24 min

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101 to 125 of 135 results