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The new E-FIRC

1:16 min

Hey CFI's, we made keeping your certificate current A LOT easier. Check out the new online FIRC.

License to Learn - Propeller Blade Fracture

5:07 min

Rpd Machado tells us what to do if you suddenly lose part or all of your prop. It happens.

Water survival training

6:09 min

Learn how to survive an open water ditching.

License to Learn - Flutter

5:47 min

Rod Machado tells us about control surface flutter - how your can avoid it, how to recover if you encounter it.

License to Learn - Cockpit Crashworthiness

3:53 min

Rod Machado on what you can do to increase the chances you'll survive an off-airport landing.

Runway Safety: Quincy, Ill

3:25 min

A communication breakdown starts a chain of events that ends with a collision and 14 fatalities.

How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants and Animals by Seaplane

19:20 min

How to avoid picking up aquatic hitchhikers with your seaplane.


3:51 min

National Aerospace Training and Research Center offers high altitude and high G training to civilian pilots.

Southern Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

4:00 min

Bill Sullivan, Tampa Tower and TRACON. *This video contains language some viewers may find profane*

Western Pacific Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:51 min

Emily Birkland and Roy Teshima, Oakland Center

Southwest Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:25 min

LouElla Hollingsworth, Fort Worth Center

New England Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

0:39 min

Erik Anderson, Boston Tower

Great Lakes Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:30 min

Jeff Richards, Chicago Center

Northwest Mountain Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:11 min

Donovan Carson, Portland TRACON

Central Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

4:28 min

Kevin Cook and Steve Clark, St. Louis TRACON

Eastern Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:53 min

Dave Giberson and Corey Grafe, Philadelphia Tower

Alaskan Region - 2013 Archie League Awards

3:49 min

Ryan Williams, Anchorage Center

Interview with NTSB Chairman

4:30 min

An exclusive interview with NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman.

Real Pilot Story: Underwater Escape

13:46 min

For many pilots, the prospect of crash landing in water is one of the most terrifying things in aviation. Bryan Webster has been there, done that, and says they’re right to be afraid. Listen as he tells the tale of a wild flight that ended in the drink, and shares some of the knowledge he’s gained in 15 years of teaching water egress techniques. (Approx. 13 minutes)

Airport Challenge - DE

1:10 min

Al Marsh highlights difficult airports.

Improving General Aviation Safety

17:27 min

AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg on what the AOPA Air Safety Institute is doing to improve general aviation safety.

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51 to 75 of 82 results