Formation flying for civilians

Formation flying school for RV owners.

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Water survival training

6:09 min

Learn how to survive an open water ditching.

License to Learn - Flutter

5:47 min

Rod Machado tells us about control surface flutter - how your can avoid it, how to recover if you encounter it.

License to Learn - Cockpit Crashworthiness

3:53 min

Rod Machado on what you can do to increase the chances you'll survive an off-airport landing.

Formation flying for civilians

4:37 min

Formation flying school for RV owners.

License to Learn - The Troxler Effect

4:23 min

How to REALLY see and avoid.

License to Learn - Thermal shocking an engine

3:28 min

Rod Machado explains how to clear fouled spark plugs.


3:51 min

National Aerospace Training and Research Center offers high altitude and high G training to civilian pilots.

SuperSTOL landing

0:15 min

This video shows the airplane landing in a 15 knot crosswind at Lakeland, Fla., and the pilot is using the technique written about in the story.

Loop - DE

1:51 min

AOPA Pilot Senior Editor Dave Hirschman shows you how to do a proper loop.

Slips - DE

1:12 min

Crosswind takeoff FT DE

1:00 min

Crosswind takeoffs

Tail wheel checkout

1:46 min

Checking checked out in airplane that wants to swap ends.

Airport Challenge - DE

1:10 min

Al Marsh highlights difficult airports.

Technique Soft Field Takeoff

1:14 min

Soft field takeoff.

Winter survival

1:11 min

Fire, shelter, and water are key to surviving after an aircraft accident.

The Impossible Turn

6:03 min

Engine failure! Straight ahead or turn back to the airport?

Challenge - Fling-Winging It

2:43 min

Associate Editor Jill Tallman takes a helicopter lesson.

Teaching Aerobatics

4:01 min

Flight instructor Marianne Buckley lives for loops and rolls.

Spin myths

3:41 min

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26 to 50 of 50 results