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Large Aircraft Security ProposalThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is proposing security regulations for general aviation that add new requirements for aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight (MTOW) above 12,500 lbs (“large aircraft”) and select airports serving those aircraft. In the past AOPA has successfully worked with the TSA to develop security guidance and procedures to effectively safeguard GA without imposing unrealistic or impractical burdens on aircraft operators. But now the TSA’s proposal, called the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP), includes a number of initiatives that are bad for GA. These include flight crewmember criminal history record checks, watch list matching of passenger manifests, biennial third party audits of each aircraft operator, and new airport security requirements.

In its proposal, the TSA treats GA just like commercial aviation and fails to recognize the inherent differences between the two. GA pilots, unlike operators of aircraft for hire, know who is getting on their airplane, and it is unrealistic and impractical to impose the same passenger manifest requirements as on commercial operators. The rule goes too far and in doing so infringes on civil liberties.

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The TSA has arbitrarily set the weight threshold for the proposed rule at 12,500 lbs but has failed to demonstrate that aircraft of this weight pose a threat warranting the unprecedented imposition of security requirements on the GA community.

Finally, the TSA is proposing that aircraft operators pay a third party to conduct regulatory oversight and ensure compliance. What has always been a government function is now being outsourced, creating privacy concerns and placing the cost burden on aircraft operators.

We need you to help the TSA, and your state and federal representatives, understand the operational environment of GA and why these rules are unnecessary. Please comment now on the TSA Large Aircraft Security Program. All the information that you need is available through this Member Action Center.

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