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    Why I'm interested in starting a club:
    Nantucket is the second busiest airport in Massachusetts but there is no GA whatsoever, apart from owned aircraft. There are no rental aircraft, clubs, or flight schools and you'd have to be over 50 to remember when things were otherwise. We have dormant pilots and aspiring pilots who cannot fly as well as our young people who would greatly benefit from all aspects of aviation. As a 501c3, we intend to have a strong educational component.

    Description of the hangar/clubhouse facilities:
    A building is due to become available at the airport and moving it to "our" location depends on the airport manager working out a deal with the Nantucket Public School system in a way that would acceptable to the airport commission. There are other options, such as the airport's new FBO building and a soon to be empty hangar, but we are pursuing this as potentially the most interesting and convenient solution.

    Progress made towards starting the club:
    We have a website ( and email address ( and are holding board meetings as well as meetings with possible sources of funding. The airport commission are 100% behind us in spirit, but are unwilling to offer us any financial support. The airport manager, Tom Rafter, is trying to see if he can give what would be our clubhouse to the public school system who would then lease it back to us and is very supportive. Another 501c3 has donated their remaining funds to us with a request that we use them for educational purposes.We have been trying to establish relationships with mainland FBO's, pilots who may wish to lease aircraft to the club, and with proper funding, obviously we can buy our own.

    ~ Chris McLaughlin

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