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    Why I'm interested in starting a club:
    We have a large group of pilots in our area who are not aircraft owners and are not now flying. We have two FBOs in the area that rent aircraft, but these pilots, mostly mid career businessmen, are not interested in traditional rental/training aircraft. They would like something a bit better and not subjected to our typical training wear and tear. I know of 7 interested parties now and I'm sure there are more. In fact, because of costs, I'm now selling both my aircraft and will also be interested in joining the club. In addition, one of our local FBO's is interested in a club or working with us to make this happen.

    Description of the hangar/clubhouse facilities:
    Hangars are available and with the cooperation of the local FBO (which is very interested in this), hangaring won't be an issue. Clubhouse/office space is another matter. I have not investigated the possibilities on this.

    Progress made towards starting the club:
    I have read much of the AOPA material on flying clubs, participated in their webinar on club formation, made contacts with local pilots to determine their interest levels, and discussed this with the local FBO and airport management to understand their interest/commitment. I am an AOPA, EAA, WOA, and CAF member and for at least 15 years, have been the local airport busybody. I send a weekly flying activity email, and write the EAA newsletter.

    ~ Bill Foraker

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