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    Why I'm interested in starting a club:
    I learned to fly out of small airport with a tight knit community of aviators in Cameron Park, CA (O61). This small airpark is connected to a community of pilots, whose homes are connected to the field. Many have hangars attached to their homes and fly a range of aircraft, mostly old warbirds. After the closure of Cal-Flight, many pilots in the community were displaced in training and the loss of close rental aircraft has hurt the GA community. I would like to start a prominent flying club on the field at O61 to continue training, reinvigorate the GA community and give the many pilots in the area cost effective means by which to fly.

    Description of the hangar/clubhouse facilities:
    There is currently a small office on the field that we are in the process of negotiating a rental space. This is a good place to train and do ground school, but we'd like to spruce up the place and offer an electronic keycard entry door so that people could access the facility after hours. Our plan is to put in some tables and a computer station for easy pilot briefings on the field. We have also been looking at a hangar and executive space on the field, which will fit two planes and be a much nicer clubhouse.

    Progress made towards starting the club:
    When the flight school closed down, my partner Marc and I began to do a lot of research on being able to take it over. I put together some business plans outlining the number of hours we would need to keep a plane in the air to break even and with only one CFI, the numbers would have been tough to make a profit with. However, this led us to the discussion of starting a flying club, rather than a flight school. This would be something that we could start with the current displaced pilots and begin to grow, offering training with our current CFI, but also allow current pilots in the community to make use of the club aircraft.

    ~ Mike Merrill

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