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Known Icing, Known Risk

Do you ever read accident reports and wonder “what were they thinking?” Is that 20/20 hindsight talking, or would you have made a better decision in the same situation? In this Ice Week webinar, "Known Icing, Known Risk," Air Safety Institute Senior Vice Present George Perry and NWS Aviation Weather Center’s Warning Coordination Meteorologist Pat Murphy walk you through a case study in which a pilot makes a fatal decision to fly during known icing conditions, despite his own analysis and warnings from a weather briefer. You’ll also learn how to assess icy conditions in a forecast so you can have your own “hindsight” before your next flight.

Approx. 1 hour, 15 minutes

This course qualifies for the FAA Wings Program credit

datalink webinar

Datalink Cockpit Weather Dos and Donts

Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and datalink expert Dr. David Strahle as they discuss important safety considerations when flying with cockpit weather.

This course qualifies for the FAA Wings Program credit

Topics:  Weather

Airframe Ice: Avoidance and Escape

Whether you’re new to flying or a seasoned aviator, join AOPA Foundation president Bruce Landsberg and special guests for an engaging discussion about practical steps that can be taken to identify, plan for, and escape the deadly hazards of airframe icing.

Approx. 90 minutes

This course qualifies for the FAA Wings Program credit

stormweek june 16th

Thunderstorm Avoidance

Listen as AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and air traffic controller Andy Marosvari have an engaging discussion on the deadly hazards posed by thunderstorms, and how in-cockpit weather tools and ATC can help you avoid them. You'll learn important facts about the limitations of ATC weather radar, datalink weather, and common (and dangerous) assumptions pilots and controllers sometimes make.

Approx. 1 hour

cold wx ops

Cold Weather Ops

Whether it's cold where you live or you're just planning on flying to chillier climates, join AOPA Foundation president Bruce Landsberg and panelists John Ponts (Pilot on "Flying Wild Alaska") and Andy Marosvari (ATC, Boise Tower) for a wide-ranging discussion of the ways cold weather can affect your flying. From practical matters like starting and taxiing to potentially life-saving issues like icing and runway braking action, we'll cover what you need to know to stay safe when the mercury drops.

Approx. 1 hr, 10 min

cockpit weather

Flying Safely with Cockpit Weather

Datalink has taken a lot of the uncertainty out of weather flying, but using it safely means more than just counting on NEXRAD to steer you around whatever's out there . Whether you're already flying with datalink or just considering it, join AOPA Foundation president Bruce Landsberg and datalink expert Dr. David Strahle for a must-see discussion of how you can use cockpit weather to both complete more trips and minimize your weather risks.

Approx. 1 hr, 10 min

conflict at the crossroads

Conflict at the Crossroads

Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and a panel of runway safety experts as they discuss the hazard of runway incursions and how to avoid them. Improve your piloting skills as you learn to recognize and avoid Conflicts at the Crossroads.

Approx. 12 minutes

aerodynamics alpha factor

Aerodynamics: The Alpha Factor

Venture beyond Bernoulli and Newton when you join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and panelists Rich Stowell (Master Aerobatic Instructor and 2006 National CFI of the Year) and Brian E. Smith (NASA Ames Research Center) in an energetic review of aerodynamic principles beyond the four forces of flight. As Landsberg leads a high-paced discussion with amazing video clips you’ll discover the true meaning of power and pitch and what flying angle of attack is all about. Grab this chance to come away a precise aviator in all flight regimes.

Approx. 24 min

Topics:  Safety and Education, Aerodynamics, Technology

thunderstorm safety

Thunderstorms and ATC: What You Need to Know

Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg and air traffic control experts for a discussion of the deadly hazards posed by thunderstorms, and how you can best work with controllers to avoid them. You'll learn important facts about the limitations of ATC weather radar, find out about common (and dangerous) assumptions pilots and controllers sometimes make, and get plenty of tips on making the system work better for you.

5-10 min

cockpit weather, atc and you

Preempting a Thunderstorm's Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC and You

Thunderstorms can produce airframe-shattering turbulence, damaging hail, blinding downpours, sudden wind shear, and raging winds. The good news is that it’s not difficult to avoid these violent storms—if you know how to use the tools at your disposal. Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg, datalink expert Dr. David Strahle, and air traffic control experts to learn important facts about using cockpit weather, the weather radar services controllers can offer, and how to effectively communicate with ATC to minimize your risk of encountering a thunderstorm’s fearsome wrath. You can earn an ASI completion certificate and FAA WINGS credit at the end of this video.

Approx. 54 min


10 Top Tips to Improve Your Flying Club

Top AOPA aviation experts hosted a webinar at 8 pm Jan. 9, 2013 to discuss 10 best practices for flying clubs as part of AOPA’s initiative to support and expand the approximately 650 flying clubs now operating in the U.S. Flying Clubs are favored by both veteran and new pilots as an affordable way to pursue their flying pastime in a variety of different planes. Many clubs also offer initial instruction to student pilots, as well as club fly-in activities and other events that help support general aviation. “We know that there is a great pool of expertise out there among those who have operated flying clubs for a long time,” said Adam Smith, AOPA’s senior vice president of the Center to Advance the Pilot Community. “We recently launched the AOPA Flying Club Network because we feel it’s one of the best ways to support clubs.”

aircraft purchasing

Aircraft Ownership

Are you are considering buying an aircraft? In this Webinar, AOPA senior aviation technical specialists discuss the aircraft buying process from searching for the right aircraft to holding the keys in your hand. Plus, you'll hear the first-hand purchasing experience of an aircraft owner and learn some ownership tips. Representatives from the AOPA Aircraft Financing Program, AOPA Insurance Agency, AIC Title Service, and the AOPA Aircraft Partnership Program also provide relevant purchasing information.


Aircraft Purchasing

If you are considering an aircraft purchase, you’ll want to view this webinar as Tom Haines, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of AOPA Pilot and Rodney Martz, AOPA Senior Aviation Technical Specialist discuss what’s involved in making the big decision. Hear about what to consider when choosing your aircraft, what red-flag conditions you want to avoid, how to get insurance and financing, and how to estimate your monthly expenses.

flying for profit

Aviation Enterprises: Turn Your Love of Flying into a Profitable Business

AOPA is pleased to offer this Webinar for aircraft owners who have, or want to start, an aviation-related business with their aircraft. Some of the topics discussed include: aerial photography, leasing an aircraft, sightseeing flights, flight instructing in your own airplane, and other kinds of entrepreneurial enterprises commercial pilots engage in under Part 91.

buying an aircraft

Buying an Aircraft

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to buy an aircraft. How much is the aircraft really worth? Are there hidden costs and what are they? What financing is available? What about insurance? Is a prepurchase inspection a good idea and how is one arranged? AOPA's aviation technical specialists answer these questions and more in this Webinar discussing the aircraft purchasing process.

Approx. 1 hour, 10 min.

charitable flying

Charitable Flying

Many pilots would like to share their love of aviation with others throughout the year. Charitable flying offers that opportunity. Members call AOPA’s Pilot Information Center all year long to ask how they can sponsor or participate in a charitable flying event. Typically, these pilots want to provide sightseeing flights at local airports to raise funds for civic groups, churches, or youth groups. In addition to raising financial support, many participants are introduced to flying and camaraderie is built between the community and the airport.

faa enforcement

FAA Enforcement

Have you ever faced an FAA enforcement action? No one ever plans to have a bad day…but they do happen. How you deal with the unfortunate event often affects its outcome. Ramp checks, accidents, flying into restricted airspace…all may result in actions from the FAA. What is the best way to handle the situation? What are your rights? Do you have to comply with FAA’s requests? Hear answers to these questions and more as Woody Cahall, Vice President, AOPA Pilot Information Center, and John Yodice, AOPA General Counsel review several enforcement scenarios and their possible outcomes.

flying to mexico

Flying to Mexico

Thinking of flying south this winter to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of Mexico? There’s a lot involved in planning a trip across the border—flight planning, filing eAPIS, getting the necessary paperwork in order, including liability insurance coverage for flight in Mexico – it can seem overwhelming! AOPA walks you through all the steps in this Webinar on flying in Mexico. Join Craig Brown, AOPA Senior Aviation Technical Specialist, and Rick Gardner, AOPA’s Government Affairs Representative for Mexico to learn the ins and outs of flying south of the border.


From Surviving to Thriving: Effective Club Leadership

Join Marc Epner, president of Leading Edge Flying Club, as he discusses how to keep your club operating at its peak through effective management. Epner and a group of six individuals started with one airplane and built Leading Edge Flying Club into an organization with 75 members and four aircraft. Adam Smith joined Marc as he discussed the ins and outs of leading and managing a successful club.


Operations at Nontowered Airports

With many air traffic control towers closing across the country, AOPA and the Air Safety Institute teamed up to present a webinar on Nontowered Airport Operations. It's a great refresher on traffic pattern procedures and communications at airports with no tower.

Approx. 1 hour, 15 min.

purchasing an aircraft

Purchasing an Aircraft

Buying an aircraft may seem like an overwhelming task, but AOPA experts answer questions and help explain the process in this recorded session of the interactive Webinar on aircraft purchasing. Topics covered include aircraft valuation, costs and financing, insurance, inspections, required paperwork, title and escrow services, aircraft records, taxes, and more. Representatives from AOPA’s Aircraft Financing Program, the AOPA Insurance Agency, and AIC Title Service also participate to answer questions.

reducing the cost of flying

Reducing the Cost of Flying

Is the expense of flying keeping you on the ground more than you'd like? Listen to Rodney Martz, AOPA senior aviation technical specialist, and Dave Hirschman, senior editor and author of AOPA Pilot's popular "Frugal Flier" column as they share ways to trim flight costs, both short term and long. Discussion covers ownership options, aircraft maintenance, ways to put your aircraft to work, and more.


Selecting the Right Flying Club Aircraft

Adam Smith and Marc Epner from Leading Edge Flying Club discussed the selection process when choosing aircraft types. Drawing on the experience of the Leading Edge Flying Club located near Chicago, as well as information gleaned by AOPA pilots, the webinar covered analyzing, selecting, maintaining and insuring the best aircraft for use among the more than 650 flying club found in the United States.

special issuances

Special Issuance Medical Certificates

For pilots who have health concerns such as diabetes, heart issues, cancer, or others, special issuance medical certification may be an option to keep you flying. Learn about the 15 disqualifying illnesses and what is required to get your medical certification back. Special emphasis on heart-related conditions. Hear Gary Crump, AOPA Director of Medical Certification, and Dr. Warren Silberman, FAA Manager, Aerospace Medical Certification Division discuss the details of these medical issues as they relate to flying.

special issuance medical certification

Special Issuance Medical Certification

For more than 25,000 pilots, obtaining a special issuance (SI) medical certificate is the difference between flying and being grounded. The FAA created the SI authorization to provide more flexibility in granting medical certificates to pilots with serious medical conditions. The Federal Air Surgeon’s authorization of these certificates is discretionary and comes with requirements for periodic medical checks. Find out the details in this Webinar, hosted by Gary Crump, AOPA Director of Medical Certification.