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special issuance medical certification

Special Issuance Medical Certification

For more than 25,000 pilots, obtaining a special issuance (SI) medical certificate is the difference between flying and being grounded. The FAA created the SI authorization to provide more flexibility in granting medical certificates to pilots with serious medical conditions. The Federal Air Surgeon’s authorization of these certificates is discretionary and comes with requirements for periodic medical checks. Find out the details in this Webinar, hosted by Gary Crump, AOPA Director of Medical Certification.

starting a flying club

Starting a Flying Club

Flying clubs are a big part of AOPA’s new Center to Advance the Pilot Community, which was created to help build the pilot population. AOPA is hosting a series of webinars for flying clubs of all types. This is the first of several webinars on various flying club topics. Find out what's involved in starting a flying club. In addition to AOPA staff, the webinar panel includes counsel on legal and entity concerns as they apply to clubs. You'll also hear from the director of a successful, new flying club as he shares his experiences.

flying after 50

Aging Pilots: Tips for Keeping Your Medical Certification

Birthdays can be a mixed blessing after a certain point in life. Although we all age differently, each of us faces continuing health and wellness challenges to stay sharp in the cockpit. Gary Crump, AOPA Director of Medical Certification hosts this webinar focused on airman wellness and maintaining your medical certificate – whether it’s a regular issuance, or special issuance. Dr. Jonathan Sackier, AOPA Wellness Consultant and author of “Fly Well,” a monthly column in AOPA Pilot, shares insights on maintaining a healthy edge well into the golden years. Dr. Warren Silberman, former manager of the FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division brings an FAA perspective on pilot health and medical certification.