Insider Tip for Completing Application for Aircraft Registration

Just like your 3rd grade teacher told you, neatness counts!

Registering an airplane and walking the application through the bureaucracy of the FAA’s Oklahoma City office can appear a daunting task filled with complex ways a registration could get delayed. Starting out on the right foot, however, is simple, according to Clay Healey, owner of AIC Title Service, based in Oklahoma City.

Asked to give one piece of advice for individuals seeking to register an airplane, Clay gives a surprising answer: fill out the Registration Application neatly. “If you don’t,” warns Clay, “you will delay the process from four to six weeks.”

“Neatly” means no cross-outs. If you write a name as Bob, you can’t later cross it out to make it Robert. No cross-outs. Period. According to Clay, cleaning up Aircraft Registration forms is one of the most frequent things his staff has to fix on behalf of clients. That’s why Clay counsels, “Get it right the first time and we won’t have that issue to deal with.”

AIC Aircraft Title now routinely sends out two forms to its clients – one to be used as a rough draft to get all the questions correctly answered. Then the second form can be neatly copied – no cross outs, remember – and submitted. These forms still use old-school carbon paper so it’s crucial that the answers are neatly printed on the form.

And here’s another tip: When it comes to your signature, stop printing and start writing in cursive. According to Clay, your signature does not have to be legible to the FAA. Your scribbly signature does not have to be interpreted as John Jones; however, the signature must be in cursive. Clay says that at a minimum two letters must be connected. “That’s just a rule the FAA has,” says Clay. Again, a printed signature will delay your registration by four to six weeks. The lesson here, according to Clay, is that it’s not going to be the big things that delay your registration so make sure you heed his advice – neatness counts!

AIC Aircraft Title’s website is full of educational information of interest to pilots and aircraft owners. Visit AIC online.