EA+ Update: Overseas travel precautions

EA updateAOPA’s Emergency Assistance Plus Program (EA+) can help ensure you start out on the right foot and stay on track even if you get thrown a curve or two.

You want to do your best to stay away from areas where trouble can find you. So with the help of EA+ you can start with some intelligence gathering as soon as you start making travel plans. EA+ will provide information about your potential destinations with the latest news about weather, travel in the area, and even special events that would be taking place at the time of your visit.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Tourist sites can sometimes be places where you’re vulnerable to theft or other scams. Always walk with a purpose. Even if you are lost, act as if you know where you are going. Try to ask for directions only from individuals in authority.

In case of emergency
Make note of emergency telephone numbers you may need: police, fire, your hotel, and the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. Also be sure to have your EA+ worldwide phone number handy so that in the event an emergency, EA+ could forward a message via telephone or email to your family members.

During your hotel stay
When you arrive, familiarize yourself with the fire safety instructions in your hotel room so you know the location of the nearest fire exits and alternate exits. When you go out, secure your money and other valuables in the hotel safe. When you’re in your room, keep your hotel door locked at all times.

Safer transportation
Only take taxis clearly identified with official markings. Beware of unmarked cabs.

Problems can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. But by taking some basic precautions and enrolling in the EA+ program, you can travel more confidently wherever your travels take you.