Why plan for the worst-case scenario...

...when you can plan for the best-case scenario?

When we’re away from home, we don’t often think about the logistics of an emergency—especially when we are in the midst of one. Being in an unfamiliar place during a crisis can compound the stress of the situation.

  • Where will I be treated?
  • Is this the best treatment for me?
  • How will my family members get home?
  • How will I get my vehicle home?

We’ve heard many personal stories from AOPA members about getting hurt or sick away from home; wishing they could get the best, most specialized treatment possible; and wanting to be closer to home and family. They have also shared that they have been forced, in the panic and confusion of an emergency, to pay thousands of dollars to fly home, and thousands more to get their traveling companions and vehicle back home.

We are more at risk while we’re traveling, so we’re more likely to need help when we get hurt or sick in a place we don’t know. That’s why AOPA has developed MedFlight Freedom especially for AOPA members and their families. So much is out of our control in an emergency that we don’t often even realize we have options. But we do.

One call to MedFlight Freedom removes the logistical burdens of a medical emergency so you can focus on treatment and recovery. MedFlight Freedom steps in to initiate and coordinate more than 20 emergency and medical services, including these:

  • Medical evacuation (by air and/or ground) to your choice of hospital so you and your family can get the care you need at the hospital you want ;
  • Medical specialist monitoring: A professional MedFlight Freedom Assistance Coordinator is assigned to monitor your condition while you’re hospitalized and provide ongoing updates to your family;
  • One round-trip economy class ticket paid to send a person of your choice to your bedside if you are traveling alone and expected to be hospitalized for three or more days;
  • Travel assistance for companions (including pets);
  • Vehicle return arranged and paid if you and your traveling companion cannot drive your vehicle back to your place of residence due to your medical emergency;
  • Lost luggage or item assistance to track down lost luggage, personal items, and documents.

AOPA members also have the freedom to choose a domestic or international plan and travel confidently in what MedFlight offers, in the United States or abroad. Annual rates for a MedFlight Freedom plan are very affordable at $169 (domestic: including the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and $229 (international). Both options protect your spouse and dependent children. For more information or to enroll in this valuable benefit, visit  us online or call 855/520-3592.

This is only an overview of the plan’s features. When you enroll, please read your Member Benefit Guide carefully to understand the details of all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions, and limitations.