Sandel debuts new helicopter TAWS

February 23, 2009

Low-flying helicopters have a special need for terrain and obstacle avoidance. To help meet that need, Sandel Avionics this week introduced the ST3400H Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS), meeting the requirements of the new TSO C194.

Unique to helicopters, the new system utilizes ultra-high resolution terrain and obstacle data that displays terrain at 3 arc-second horizontal resolution; obstacles at 1-foot resolution; and airports, heliports, and oil platforms. The system is ruggedized for helicopter operations. A night-vision-goggle-compatible version is also available.

The system includes the TAWS computer integrated into a 3-ATI-sized LED-backlit display. The system can be installed in place of an existing radar altimeter indicator, reducing installation costs and panel space requirements. The display will show radar altimeter information and provides a minimums setting for approaches. Traffic from a TCAS or TAS also can be displayed.