The shifting sands of medical certification policy

April 30, 2013


Gary Crump

  • Director, AOPA Pilot Information Center Medical Certification Section
  • 28 years assisting AOPA members
  • Former Operating Room Technician, Professional Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician
  • Pilot since 1973

As Dr. Warren Silberman has mentioned, the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine recently announced changes to several policies regarding certification of certain cardiac conditions. The FAA invests considerable staff time in reviewing the current medical literature and seeking input from its specialist consultants to establish appropriate evidence-based medical certification policy. However, it has been quite a while since we have seen so much activity that will have a bearing on a number of different medical conditions, and as a result, will have a positive impact on a number of airmen who currently hold special issuance authorizations.

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Gary Crump