The fifteen specifically disqualifying medical conditions

January 9, 2014

Warren Silberman

Warren Silberman

  • Former Manager, FAA Aerospace Medical Certification 
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • Expert in Aerospace/Preventive Medicine 
  • Pilot since 1986

Fellow members, your AMEs should know exactly what these conditions are, but I am here to let you all in on them!  Part 67.401 in simple English says that if an airman has a specifically disqualifying medical condition the pilot must demonstrate to the Federal Air Surgeon that he/she is safe to fly for the duration of that medical certificate.  In order to demonstrate this, the airman may need to provide evaluations and testing. Once the airman is granted a waiver, they must re-demonstrate that they are safe to fly at regular intervals. 

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