Do-over medical reporting

September 30, 2013


Mike Yodice

  • Director of Legal Service Plans at Yodice Associates
  • Counsels Legal Services Plan/Pilot Protection Services members on FAA compliance and enforcement
  • Regularly flies a Piper J-3 Cub and a Cherokee 180

Filling out a medical application (form 8500-8) is a stressful event for many of us. The language on the form can be confusing and it’s fairly easy to get tripped up and make a mistake. There is a notably broad distinction between making an honest mistake and making a fraudulent or intentionally false statement. The former can be a simple oversight or imperfect recollection, and the latter involves a fairly strict standard: making a false or inaccurate representation in reference to a material fact with knowledge of the falsity or inaccuracy of the fact.

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