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Pilots, controllers to use new SID phraseology

Advocacy | Aug 08, 2012

The FAA has modified phraseology used to issue clearances to pilots for route transitions, standard instrument departures (SIDs), and RNAV SIDs that contain speed and altitude restrictions. The changes go into effect Aug. 15.

IFR Fix: Sorry, no METARs

Article | Jul 20, 2012

For two pilots planning to fly a flamenco artist to a performance in the mountainous Rangeley, Maine, area, the flight time would be brief, but possibly, far from routine, particularly with few weather services in the area.

Southwest route changes take effect July 26

Advocacy | Jun 21, 2012

The FAA has published a final rule modifying several airways in the Southwest and establishing RNAV routes (T-routes) in connection with the scheduled fall decommissioning of the Cochise, Ariz., Vortac.

IFR Fix: The way it WAAS

IFR Fix | Apr 27, 2012

Remember curved approaches? Pilots of a certain age recall a time when pilots flew their ILS approaches with the thought in mind that, someday, a technology called the microwave landing system would change the way aircraft got down through the stuff. Now, thanks to satellite-based navigation, GPS approaches are doing the job.

Airway changes, routes planned for Southwest

Advocacy | Apr 26, 2012

AOPA will submit formal comments on an FAA proposal to modify several airways in the Southwest and establish RNAV routes (T-routes) in connection with the scheduled decommissioning this fall of the Cochise, Ariz., vortac.

Florida pilots’ help sought in NextGen planning

Advocacy | Apr 17, 2012

AOPA is asking pilots operating in Florida to help shape the expansion of performance-based navigation procedures in their area by sharing their experience and suggestions in preparation for the FAA airspace-optimization review.

Northeast airway modifications set

Advocacy | Apr 11, 2012

The FAA has published a final rule that makes modifications to airways in the vicinity of Hartford, Conn., associated with the planned decommissioning of the Bradley Vortac. The changes take effect May 31.

Avidyne autopilot interface latest collaboration for Aspen

Article | Mar 29, 2012

Aspen Avionics has made collaboration--including with competitors--a key part of its brand and culture. The Albuquerque-based company announced a partnership more than a year ago with Bendix/King for developing the interface of the KSN770 flight management system, even though Bendix/King makes primary flight displays and other cockpit displays that may compete with Aspen's Evolution line of low-cost primary and multifunction displays.

AOPA supports WAAS for NextGen navigation

Advocacy | Mar 08, 2012

The FAA has presented a broad outline of a future national airspace with half of the current VOR network decommissioned by 2020, and AOPA is urging the agency to make sure GA pilots--and current equipment--have a place there.

T-route extension should enhance safety, efficiency

Advocacy | Feb 22, 2012

The extension of the T-route from the Rapid City, S.D., VOR to the Gillette, Wyo., VOR effective April 5 exemplifies actions the FAA can take to improve GA safety and efficiency, AOPA said.