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Question of the Month

Article | Apr 26, 2016

With the insurance premium often being the largest single expense item in a club's annual budget, it's worth taking some time to understand how premiums are calculated. A good broker will do more than simply seek insurance quotes, help you assemble information, and bind coverage.

Club Spotlight

Article | Apr 26, 2016

The Trojan Phlyers is like no other flying club in the world. It's not actually a club: It's a subchapter S corporation with eight partners that own two North American T-28Bs.

Aircraft Spotlight

Article | Apr 26, 2016

the Cessna 150 is an attractive aircraft to either start a flying club or add to your fleet. The 150 has been used to teach pilots to fly for decades and is still going strong. It is durable, simple to fly, and inexpensive to operate.

Textron adds service programs

Article | Apr 21, 2016

Textron Aviation Inc., owner of the Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker brands, has launched new service and support programs for aircraft already in service.

FAA issues ADs on Cessna twins, Piper singles

Advocacy | Apr 14, 2016

The FAA has issued two airworthiness directives that will take effect on April 26 affecting some Cessna twins and Piper single-engine models.

Sporty's stays busy with new app, products

Article | Apr 07, 2016

Sporty's Pilot Shop has introduced a number of new products and services, including a new iPad application that provides training videos in a unique way.

Aircraft Maintenance: Parting ways with a prop

Aircraft Maintenance | Apr 04, 2016

Attention to detail matters, even when the task seems simple. Pilot, aircraft owner, and A&P Jeff Simon shares how an error in propeller maintenance led to an in-flight emergency.

NavWorx connects with Garmin

Article | Mar 31, 2016

NavWorx, maker of the ADS600-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast transceiver, has struck a deal with Garmin to allow the unit to connect to Garmin navigators.

Icon’s gambit

Article | Mar 31, 2016

Icon Aircraft will soon begin delivering the A5 amphibious light sport aircraft to customers willing to sign a purchase agreement that imposes many restrictions.

LifeStyle Aviation offers students ‘breath of choice’

Article | Mar 30, 2016

LifeStyle Aviation says it is offering a "breath of choice" for flight school centers by marrying modern marketing methods and advanced technology to build pilot-friendly training environments.

Aircraft maintenance: Injector maintenance leads to power loss

Aircraft Maintenance | Mar 24, 2016

After one hour of uneventful post-maintenance flying, the owner of a Mooney M20M who had just had the aircraft’s fuel injectors cleaned thought the aircraft was out of the “post-maintenance woods.” That wasn’t the case.

Answers for Pilots: Aircraft purchasing decisions

Article | Mar 11, 2016

If you are thinking about buying an aircraft, get a realistic picture of what the financing looks like and what maintenance costs to expect, then make sure those expenses fit in your budget.

Aircraft Maintenance: Engine overhaul leads to alternator failure

Aircraft Maintenance | Mar 09, 2016

Regardless of the reason for an engine overhaul, it’s a big job; making sure that the engine is properly overhauled and reinstalled in the aircraft is critical.

Flight Design in receivership

Article | Feb 24, 2016

Flight Design, the German company that established itself as a leader in the light sport market, has filed for receivership.

Question of the Month

Article | Feb 24, 2016

One of the first things a club in formation should do is get a sense of what your operating costs will be.

Aircraft Spotlight

Article | Feb 24, 2016

To people outside of the aviation world, any general aviation aircraft is a Piper Cub.

Answers for Pilots: Tax tips for aircraft owners

Article | Feb 23, 2016

Aircraft owners who used their aircraft for business purposes in 2015 may be eligible for income tax deductions. Learn more about deductions, bonus depreciation, and like-kind exchanges of aircraft.

Drone deadline arrives

Article | Feb 17, 2016

Drone owners who fly for fun (not profit) have registered in big numbers: 342,000 of them just ahead of the Feb. 19 deadline.

Aircraft maintenance: Gyro repair leads to failed vacuum system

Aircraft Maintenance | Feb 08, 2016

Any time preventive or repair maintenance is performed on an aircraft, there's a risk of introducing a maintenance-induced failure. In this case study, A&P Jeff Simon explains how unnecessary work on an artificial horizon led to a vacuum system failure.

New certification standards for mechanics in the works

Advocacy | Feb 04, 2016

A group chaired by AOPA has been tasked with developing new certification standards, handbooks, and test development guidance for aircraft mechanics.

AOPA endorses draft FAA policy on safety equipment

Advocacy | Feb 04, 2016

AOPA is endorsing a draft FAA policy that would make it easier to install non-required safety enhancing equipment in existing general aviation aircraft.

Pilots: Ask Maryland legislators to lower cost of flying

Advocacy | Jan 28, 2016

A bill that would exempt aircraft repair and upgrade parts from sales tax in Maryland will be heard by the state Budget and Taxation Committee Feb. 3.

Textron streamlines turbine service

Article | Jan 27, 2016

Textron Aviation has created a call center for owners of Beechcraft, Citation, and Hawker brand jets and turboprops who need unscheduled maintenance.

Cirrus launches interactive flight ops manual

Article | Jan 26, 2016

Cirrus Aircraft launched an Apple iOS-based interactive flight manual designed to give pilots everything they need at their fingertips to perform safe flight operations, the company announced Jan. 21.

Aircraft Maintenance: 'First, do no harm'

Aircraft Maintenance | Jan 20, 2016

Pilot and A&P Jeff Simon explains the importance of looking at inspection and preventive maintenance situations with a critical eye.