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Online FIRC - $124

  • Online renewal processing – no need to leave home or mail paperwork.
  • Receive credit for completed Air Safety Institute courses taken.
  • Customize the course to suit your interests. 
  • Just $124
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In-Person FIRC - $275*

*$275 when you preregister or $295 at the door.

AOPA's Instructor Refresher - Training you'll actually enjoy!


Giving Back to Safety

Only ASI’s FIRC puts all of its revenue back into developing free safety initiatives for all.

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More CFIs trust the ASI FIRC courses than any other.


No Paperwork to Mail!

Renewal process is completed online. No notary, no mailing paperwork. We make it easier on you.

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Free Materials

Downloadable FAR/AIM, FAA handbooks, ASI Materials and more.

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"If you're interested in increasing your knowledge in a fun and interactive way, then this course is for you."

Application for Renewal

If you want to maintain your current CFI renewal cycle (expiration month):

  • Do not complete more than 8 lessons until you are less than one year from expiration.
  • Do not complete the program until you are inside your renewal window – within the three months preceeding the month of expiration as per FAR 61.197.

Of course you are free to complete the course whenever you’d like so long as it is before your current CFI certificate expires. But understand that if you complete outside of the parameters stated above, you will reset your renewal cycle for the month of course completion.

You must complete the “Submit Application for CFI Renewal” section in order to process the course completion for renewal.