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Date Tail
Make Model City State Highest
Type of Flight
CEN10FA180 04/01/2010 N4BA Beech BE 36TC Dayton OH Fatal Personal
CEN09CA474 07/24/2009 N87711 Beech BE 18(C45) Dayton OH None Personal
NYC07FA047 12/14/2006 N8FH Cessna 310/U3A Montgomery NY Fatal Personal
NYC04LA218 09/26/2004 N67520 Cessna 152 Dayton OH None Instructional
IAD02LA093 09/13/2002 N2916X Cessna 177 Dayton OH None Personal
NYC01LA185 07/23/2001 N52012 Cessna 172 Dayton OH None Instructional
NYC01LA078 02/08/2001 N62332 Cessna 172 Miamisburg OH None Personal
NYC00LA149 06/01/2000 N8234L Piper PA 28 Miamisburg OH None Instructional
IAD96FA100 06/19/1996 N62852 Piper PA 31 Springboro OH Fatal Personal
NYC95LA052 02/12/1995 N1RB Cessna 210 Dayton OH None Personal
NYC94LA060 03/10/1994 N79136 Cessna 172 Dayton OH None Instructional
BFO93LA047 03/06/1993 N2868Y Piper PA 28 Springboro OH None Personal
NYC91LA085 03/09/1991 N64937 Cessna 172 Miamisburg OH Minor Instructional
NYC91LA009 10/11/1990 N2233E Cessna 172 Dayton OH None Personal
ATL89LA124 04/10/1989 N9688B Cessna 172RG Miamisburg OH None Business
ATL89LA094 02/28/1989 N2805S Cessna 150 Springboro OH None Personal
CHI83LA286 07/01/1983 N4929V Cessna 172RG Dayton OH None Business
CHI83LA246 06/05/1983 N715HR Cessna 172 Dayton OH None Personal
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