FlyQ EFB User Guide

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Getting AOPA FlyQ EFB is a three-step process:

1. Download AOPA FlyQ EFB from the App Store (free download).

2. Sign up in the App for a 30-day Free Trial of FlyQ EFB.

3. When you’re ready to extend your subscription to a full 12 months, join AOPA for special member-only pricing at

Not compatible with iPad 1.

Getting Started with FlyQ EFB

Download the Getting Started guide as a PDF

Download the Release Notes

Connecting FlyQ EFB and X-Plane

Understanding ADS-B

Supported Devices

AOPA FlyQ EFB is a powerful and elegant flight planning app. Whether you are just getting started with it or are looking for guidance on some of the more advanced features, we’ve put together these tips and tricks to help you get to really get to know FlyQ EFB. Just click on any of the sections below to expand the information.

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This app will not work on iPad 1.

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