Keeping Pilots Safe. Safeguarding the futre of GA.

Keeping Pilots Safe

For more than fifty-five years the Air Safety Institute (ASI) has been the leader in safety education and research for the General Aviation (GA) community. Learn more >>

Safeguarding the Future of GA

The AOPA Foundation is a charity committed to supporting Americans’ freedom to fly and to building a legacy for the future of general aviation. Learn more >>

What if GA Disappeared? It’s Starting To!

America’s General Aviation infrastructure is disappearing. With a declining pilot population, a student dropout rate of 70-80%, airport closures and declining funding, and a media fond of sensationalizing accidents, it’s no surprise that GA is more threatened now than ever before.

If pilots like you don’t take up the gauntlet, what will the future of GA look like? We already know. The flight path has been laid out before us time and again. To see what the future could hold, just look closely at GA in Europe and the rest of the world – or what’s left of it.

But there can certainly be clear skies ahead.

With the passionate involvement and generous support of pilots like you, together we can address the challenges you have helped identify as critical to building an enduring future for general aviation.

Those challenges take shape as four primary initiatives that need the support of dedicated pilots like you. They are:

As an individual pilot-philanthropist, these strategic initiatives provide an opportunity to ensure that YOUR legacy, GA’s legacy, is a strong and vibrant one. As one lead contributor succinctly stated, “This is the campaign for general aviation’s survival.”

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