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Preserving Airports

Keeping aviation accessible and affordable

Airports are essential to the continued survival of General Aviation, yet they are increasingly under siege. Deep-seated misunderstandings about what GA is and how the community benefits from it create a significant threat to a critical part of the nation's transportation infrastructure.

Preserving airports must be at the heart of any effort to preserve GA. It is the large number of community airports distributed throughout the nation that makes GA such an effective means of moving people and goods, delivering services, and connecting remote or otherwise isolated communities.

Programs designed to preserve our community airports:

  • The Airport Support Network, which currently has more than 2,000 volunteers in place and strives for coverage in all 5,000 GA airports. Additionally, creating and updating resource materials, including the AOPA Airport Action Kit, to help ASN volunteers and others preserve and improve their airports
  • The Airport Watch Program, a sensible approach to airport security designed to help keep GA airports secure without onerous federal security regulations
  • Educating local decision makers and influencers on the value of airports to their communities

With the generous support of aviation enthusiasts like you, the programs outlined above will be instrumental in helping to preserve airports and our freedom to fly.

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