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Entrepreneur to chair AOPA Foundation Board of Visitors

Bruce Landsberg and Ned BennetAOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg announced on Sept. 22 the appointment of Ned Bennett as the new chairman of the AOPA Foundation's Board of Visitors. Bennett is co-founder and executive vice chairman of the brokerage firm optionsXpress that was acquired by Charles Schwab on Sept. 1. “Ned's insight into all aspects of general aviation from community airports to safety is an incredible asset to the AOPA Foundation's mission,” said Landsberg.


2011 Philanthropy Report

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AOPA Members receive Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

The Air Safety Institute congratulates the pilots who have received the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.  The FAA gives this award to recognize pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 years or more.

Recipients receive a certificate and lapel pin to recognize this significant contribution to aviation safety. To view the pilots on the Roll of Honor, please click here.

North Myrtle Beach:

Mrytle Beach AirportAn example of how your contribution dollars go to work on behalf of general aviation happened just last January at the North Myrtle Beach Airport. A new, instrument-rated pilot missed an approach, clipped a tree, and crashed into a local mobile home park killing both the pilot and a woman in an RV.

Within days of the accident, the tragedy was compounded by media and the public who got in the game calling for the airport’s closure. A region well-served by GA for years was at the risk of losing an important airport if we failed to act.

The AOPA Foundation responded to the accident immediately. We held a safety seminar that was open to all local pilots and the media. Through this effort, we dispelled the sensationalist claims being made by nonaviation experts in the media, preserved a local airport, and provided valuable safety resources to the area’s pilot population.

International Learn to Fly Day:

International Learn to Fly DayIn 2009, EAA announced the formation of “International Learn to Fly Day.” AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller spoke about how AOPA’s membership, both domestic and abroad, would help make this event successful. International Learn to Fly Day is aimed at growing the pilot population by tearing down the perceived walls at airports and getting future pilots up in the sky for their first flight. AOPA held an event at Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland on May 21. Read more >>


Real World IFR Seminar

“Your seminar last evening was as advertised, as expected and then some! Your content was good and to the point, and your delivery (including appropriate humor!) was engaging and professional.”

— Paul Rosenbaum

Takeoffs and Landings Webinar

“In the past I have attended ASF sponsored seminars, but my life has changed such that I am unable to go to evening meetings. This Webinar overcomes this problem, and I could not be more thrilled!”

— Don Larson

Thunderstorms & ATC; What You Need to Know Webinar

“Over the radio, controllers are always knowledgeable and assertive, which is what us pilots need and expect. The opportunity to hear from real controllers, speaking to us pilots in a seminar venue, provided as incredible opportunity. This made the presentation even more valuable. Overall, this was an incredibly valuable session, as evidenced by the huge number of participants!”

— David Credicott


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