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DSU Sets Up Work-Study Program With Airline

Potential pilots at Delaware State University (DSU) will get the opportunity to obtain real-life experience as Continental Airlines interns. The university and Continental signed a deal on Dec. 5 to form a work-study program. DSU is one of just a few schools that the airline will visit to recruit for the 10 internship positions available every semester. A partnership with DSU was suggested to Continental executives by Capt. Ray Silvera, a 10-year Continental pilot who graduated in 1992 from DSU's Airway Science program, which instructs students for careers as pilots, air-traffic controllers, and airport administrators. "When Delaware State University gave me the opportunity to do something I love to do, which is flying, I couldn't afford to go to any other institution," Silvera stated. "This is what I wanted to do for Delaware State and the Airway Science program. I want to give students the opportunity to compete with everyone else. That's very important in life — not to be given something, but given the opportunity to compete. Former Airway Science Program Chairman Daniel Coons notes that while DSU Airway Science students have interned for many other airlines, the Continental program is unusual in the scope of experience it offers. Interns will work from the airline's headquarters in Houston or from Newark, N.J.'s Liberty International Airport.

December 6, 2008

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