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Second Time Around

Don Bishop, manager of Bowie Municipal Airport in Bowie, Texas, has had a passion for flying since his first lesson on Dec. 22, 1974. He has owned several planes over the years, but one in particular has stayed in his mind through all that time--a 1941 Porterfield. Years after having sold the airplane, Bishop decided to look up the vehicle number of the aircraft out of curiosity. "The plane was in Jonesboro, Ark., so I called the owner and told him I used to own it," says Bishop. "I asked if he wanted to sell it and he said yes." But the plane needed work, which Bishop lovingly undertook, piecing the wings together, putting together quarter inch ribs, rebuilding the tail section, and sewing a special wing fabric to the skeleton. "I really enjoyed the process, it was interesting and a challenge," says Bishop. The Porterfield passed its recertification test on Jan. 14, 2008. That afternoon, Bishop was at the helm guiding the plane through the air.

March 11, 2009

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