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Instructor Hopes to Spread Ultralight Wings in Hollister

Pete Marsh grew up in San Juan Bautista, Calif., and eventually joined the Navy. Upon leaving the Navy, Marsh got into sport piloting. He moved to Alaska where he created Alaskan Airborne Adventures, a company that exists to teach people how to fly. After 30 years, Marsh is moving back to the area where he grew up and is bringing his business with him. "It was hard to make a go of it in Alaska - 6 months of dark, snow and cold. We would bundle up and fly in that stuff, sometimes it could be a real drag. But I wanted to come back and do this sort of thing here. It's a great place for this." He enjoys the region, and wants to teach youths how to fly, with the hopes that they engage in a positive activity like sport piloting instead of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Marsh also wants to work with nonprofits, "I like to work with the public and I'm interested in nonprofit organizations. I'm interested in getting these people out and giving them rides."

March 11, 2009

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