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ISU Team Flies to Second at All-Women Air Race Classic

The two-person Indiana State University aviation team of Jessica L. Campbell and Victoria Dunbar took the winning collegiate trophy and second place overall in the all-women 2009 Air race Classic, covering 2,369 nautical miles.

"We’re pretty excited and couldn’t be happier. We won the college [trophy], and that is what we were really aiming for," Campbell says. "There are good pilots in this, with three international pilots, so we were up against some pretty darn good ladies who know how to fly," says Tad Foster, dean of ISU’s School of Technology, who flew back with the two winning pilots. "The winning team was just 0.933 ahead of us, so just one point separated first and second place."

Campbell is a 21-year-old senior in aviation at the university, while 32-year-old Dunbar is an instructor of aviation technology. Together, they flew a four-seat Diamond DA40 glass-cockpit airplane owned by Dixie Chopper Air, keeping between 1,000 and 3,000 feet above ground level because of strong winds during the race. "We hit some pretty strong head winds, so we had to stay low. The higher you go, the stronger the head winds," Campbell said. "In one airport, we flew over 2,500 windmills."

Dunbar said flying around Denver was the highlight of the experience for her "because neither of us had ever flown around the mountains and the elevation out there was about 6,000 feet, so there are things that you learn in the classroom about aircraft performance and things you do differently at such a high altitude so this was really the first time we got to put that into use."

July 13, 2009

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