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Los Gatos Glider Pilot, 14, Sets His Sights High

At the age of 14, Andy Jardetzky already has a record of completed solo flights to his name. Just recently completing ninth grade at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, Calif., Andy has had an obsession with airplanes since the seventh grade, when a teacher at Fisher Middle School helped him realize his dream.

"Mr. [Steve] Hum taught us rocketry, and we built rockets and catapults, which got me to thinking about mechanics and building stuff," Andy says. "He was really inspiring." During summer vacation, Andy hopes to turn his zeal into a moneymaking venture, or at least to pay back some of the money his parents have paid for his lessons.

If a slot opens up at the airport where Andy is receiving training, he will "work the line," or help ready gliders for flight, answer tow requests, and perform other odd jobs around the airport.

July 13, 2009

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