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Glider Pilots Set to Converge on Big Spring, Expect Ideal Weather

The U.S. Hang Gliding Championship begins August 9 in Big Spring, where many participants will be hoping to set a new record. Organizer Terry Wofford, chairman of the local hang gliding committee, said that some participants will be even be hang gliding in to Big Spring from a meet in Zapata. "There's no guarantees, mind you, but there's certainly a chance we might see some gliders in the air as early as Aug. 7 or 8 if the weather cooperates," he said. Event coordinators say the hang gliding weather conditions are perfect in West Texas, which gives pilots some of the best flying in the world--weather is so consistent they can fly every day, the heat produces strong thermal layers to push aircraft up, and the base of clouds is always high which gives them plenty of room to soar. "It just has the right combination of meteorology and geography to allow us to fly for a long time and fly fast," says David Glover. "The men and women who come here just love the flying. It's excellent."

August 20, 2009

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