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Forget The Harley. Fly An Icon Instead.

The new Icon A5, a small, inexpensive amphibious aircraft, was built with the goal of attracting a new crowd of people to the hobby of flying--those who might otherwise buy a boat or a Harley Davidson. Icon CEO Kirk Hawkins said the plane is aimed at explorers and adventurers, those who are interested in "getting out there and interacting with your world." His mission is to show people that flying is as much about fun as it is about transportation, and the A5 is the centerpiece of that strategy--a light-sport aircraft with a simplified cockpit that looks more like a car than an airplane and a list price of $139,000. The company already has 400 preorders, 35 percent of which are from non-pilots, so the strategy seems to be working. "There is a large audience out there that wants to fly," he said. "They just need the right products to get them out there."

August 20, 2009

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