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Some Frequent Travelers Prefer to Be in Cockpit

Some business owners who fly frequently opt to avoid the headache of commercial flight and pilot their own aircraft.  The majority of companies that use personal aircraft are small and midsize companies such as McColla Enterprises, which owns a chain of 50 Street Corner convenience stores that CEO Peter La Colla visits using his personal plane.  "I just wanted to swing through those cities but doing that commercially would be miserable," he says.  La Colla adds that he can take up to three employees for no additional cost on his plane.  Self-piloting has been so beneficial for Michael Roth, IT manager at Complete Production Services, that he has launched a consulting service aimed at getting more business owners involved in flying.  "It's difficult convincing people that it's in their reach," he says, adding that most are hooked after their first flight.  "It's a relaxing and rewarding activity," he says.

October 14, 2009

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