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Pets On a Plane: Local Pilot Volunteers to Fly Dog to Foster Family

Pilots and animal rescue workers combine their skills through Pilots N Paws, a service that helps transport animals by air. The idea is an extension of what pet shelter volunteers have always done--drive animals to other locations when shelters are too full--but by flying, the animals can be transported much greater distances. The service was founded by South Carolinian Debi Boies, after her dog died of cancer. She found another to adopt, but it was in Florida, and her pilot friend Jon Wehrenberg offered to fly there to pick him up. Pilot Jerry Goodrich is one of the volunteers, and says he is always looking for a reason to fly, and this is a good way to combine it with his love of animals. He shares ownership of several small planes with members of a flying club at the Airlake Airport, and hopes to have a chance to transport more animals for Pilots N Paws. A trip this weekend will bring two dogs from Afghanistan to Kentucky and Texas, where they will live with the families of soldiers until they finish their tour of duty.

December 9, 2009

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