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Airsports.tv – A new destination for air sports video

By Sarah Brown

Aviation fans looking for excitement have a new place to watch their favorite hobby brought to life: Airsports.tv, a free Internet TV channel featuring video from the adrenalin-fuelled arena of air sports competition.

Visitors to Airsports.tv can watch all the best action from the world of competitive air sports, including the official World Championships, World Cups, and other major international air sports competitions. The site, which launched July 2008, has had over 150,000 visitors so far.

Working in partnership with the world air sports federation, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), Airsports.tv works to promote air sports competitions and athletes and bring them to the attention of a wider audience. The site aims to foster community of enthusiasts, competitors and experts, and to cultivate young athletes and athletes in emerging economies.

You can watch videos of air sports athletes from all disciplines pushing themselves and their machines to their physical and mental limits.

In the Aerobatics Channel you can see advanced and unlimited Aerobatic flight competitions in which pilots can pull an average G force of  +6 and -4. The Air Racing Channel features video of full-scale TV production versions of Reno Air Race or Aero GP, as well as interviews with pilots and behind-the-scenes video where you can get some insight into the competitions and the pilots competing.

Enthusiasts who appreciate more graceful air sports can visit the Ballooning Channel or Gliding Channel while adrenalin junkies can watch the Hang Gliding or Paragliding channel. Visit Airsports.tv to view all available channel selections.


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