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Partner with your spouse

Romance takes flight

For some, falling in love has been described like flying through the air. For Rob Hoschner, 22, and Rachel MacKay, 23, their entire relationship has been about flying—except they use actual airplanes.

Airplanes have so impacted their relationship, in fact, after they were married Saturday, the newlyweds and their bridal parties flew from the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Flushing to their reception party at their private hangar in Corunna on one Cessna and two Cherokee 6s. Read More >>

Whether or not your spouse is a pilot or has aspirations to become one, flying is a great way to spend time together. A nonpilot spouse can help with navigation and tuning the radios or simply enjoy the view while en route.

Many people use general aviation aircraft the same way you use your family car—think of it as a family car that flies. For weekend getaways, visiting your children in college, or going on excursions lasting several weeks, general aviation is the way to go. The convenience, flexibility, and fun can’t be beat.

Even spouses who don’t have an interest in learning to fly can appreciate the convenience and flexibility of traveling by general aviation. Vacation destinations can take a day or more to get to by car or airline, but the 166 million people who fly on small airplanes each year can reach these same destinations in a fraction of the time.


For those flying companions who want to learn more about flying, how to control and land an airplane, and how to help in the cockpit, the Air Safety Institute produced an online course based on its popular Pinch-Hitter program. After watching it, your spouse may enjoy learning about flying so much that they begin flight lessons!

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