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Let's Go Flying February Newsletter

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Volume 2, ISSUE 2• February 25, 2009
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In This Issue:
Postcards: The kingdom of chocolate    |    Cheap thrills
Program sparks girls' interest in aviation    |    Aviation scholarships



Live the Dream

NASCAR drivers fly, too!
Did you know that many NASCAR drivers are also pilots? Watch Matt Kenseth, who recently won the Daytona 500, and other NASCAR drivers talk about their flying experiences in our "Let's Go Flying" NASCAR video interviews. Watch videos >>

Introductory flight lesson: A true story
Mike Morley wasn't sure what to expect on his introductory flight. Was he supposed to have prepared for his first lesson? Would he merely be watching the instructor, or would he be thrown to the wolves? Read more >>

Postcards: The kingdom of chocolate
Hershey, Pa., is a surreal place where the streetlights are shaped like chocolate kisses and the air smells like melted candy bars. From Chocolate World to ZooAmerica, Hershey is a sweet treat for pilots looking for an affordable family vacation. Read more >>

Gone flying? Tell us about your flight and submit photos and video of the experience!

Start Flying

Cheap thrillsvan
Think flying is expensive? Soaring, or gliding as it is also called, is an unusual sport. The better you get, the less it costs. According to Clayton Jones, a licensed glider pilot and a member of the Soaring Club of Houston, "Soaring is cheaper than golf. Heck, it's cheaper than flying radio control aircraft." Read more >>

Program sparks girls' interest in aviation
The Penelope Pilot Project, part of the organization Girls With Wings, is designed to capture the imagination of girls with the character Penelope Pilot, a commercial airline pilot. The project will feature a series of books about Penelope and her friends, along with the characters' dolls. Read more >>

Aviation scholarships: Not just for college students
A scholarship can go a long way toward defraying the cost of training. And there are many aviation scholarships out there, if you know where to look. Don't assume that they only exist for college students. Dig around, ask around, and check out our list of available aviation scholarships. Read more >>

First Steps Types of CertificatesTime and Cost
Choose a Flight InstructorSafetyTake Your First Flight

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Aircraft of the Month

AOPA's 2009 sweepstakes airplane—Cirrus SR22
For its 2009 sweepstakes, LetsGoFlying.com's parent organization, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), will give away a pristine Cirrus SR22. The technologically advanced, glass-cockpit airplane can cover more than 1,000 nautical miles at a stretch, reaching true speeds of more than 180 knots (about 207 miles per hour). It has an airframe parachute, and a built-in anti-icing system for an extra level of safety. Its deluxe leather interior makes riding in the Let's Go Flying SR22 feel like a luxury sports car. Read more >>

Ask a Pilot

Question: What if I take an introductory flight and I don't like the instructor?

Answer: While most student/instructor relationships work out very well, a small number do not. In flight training, as with most any other endeavor, personalities, teaching styles, and schedules can clash. The result can be an unpleasant learning experience that can adversely affect a student to the point he or she is unwilling to continue flying. Fortunately, this problem has been addressed before and can be resolved; it usually involves switching instructors to someone you can better associate with. Feel free to contact our call center of pilots and CFIs (certificated flight instructors) to seek help with specific questions and concerns.

Do you have a question about flying? Ask a pilot! Call 877-58-PILOT, send an e-mail, or chat online with a pilot.

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In the Blogs

Here are some recent highlights from our Let's Go Flying blog page.

A Pilot's Story: A documentary capturing the passion of flight on film
By Will Hawkins
Wilco Films is producing the next big aviation documentary film called "A Pilot's Story." The film will feature aviation icons, Hollywood pilots, astronauts, aerobatic champions, commercial and corporate pilots and a select number of general aviation pilots. Read more >>

Introduction to soaring—what are the possibilities?
By Bill Daniels
This blog is about soaring. That's the "Art, Science and Sport" of flying powerless sailplanes to great heights and long distances at astonishing speed. Read more >>

Aviation Calendar of Events

Airports all across the United States offer weekend activities, from pancake breakfasts and barbecues to car and air shows. Find out what’s going on in your area! You can search by city, state, or geographic region.


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