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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 5 • MAY 4, 2011

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Breitling contest features pilot certificate as top prize    |    The Boeing F/A-18 Hornet
Plan now for summer adventure    |   International Learn to Fly Day

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Mom's a Rockin', Photoshopin', pilot
Kalebra KelbyKalebra Kelby has lots of titles. She’s lead singer in the band Big Electric Cat, she’s a co-founder and managing partner of Kelby Media Group, and she’s a mom. But her newest title—the one she had dreamed of since she was little—is pilot.  “I guess, as I got older, I put things like that aside while I got on with the business of life,” the Tampa, Fla.,-area resident said. Read More >>

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Breitling contest features pilot certificate as top prize
So the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. But in the Breitling photo contest, a picture could be worth a private pilot certificate or a flight with the Breitling Jet Team in Dijon, France. The company is hosting a photo contest on its Facebook page for aviation enthusiasts to submit up to five pictures each that capture how much they love aviation. Photos can be submitted through May 17. Read More >>

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Aircraft of the Month

Boeing F/A-18 HornetF/A-18 Hornet
If you love the performances of the U.S. Navy flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, then you have already seen the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet in action. The F/A-18 is a twin engine, mid-wing, multi-mission fighter/attack aircraft (hence the F/A in its name). The Hornet can reach a speed of about 1,200 mph and sports a maximum climb rate of 30,000 feet per minute. For almost 25 years, the Blue Angels have been performing precision flying in front of millions of spectators with the F/A-18 Hornet. The Blue Angels serve as positive role models and goodwill ambassadors for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Visit the Blue Angels official website to see if they are coming to an airshow near you!

Ask a Pilot

Where does an airplane get fuel at an airport?

Answer: Most aircraft will get fuel from either a self-serve fuel station or from a fixed based operator at the airport. A fixed based operator, or FBO, is like a gas station, rest stop, and service center all-in-one. An FBO may offer a variety of services such as fuel, flight training, aircraft rental, maintenance, flight planning resources, and rental cars. Pilots can check AOPA Airports to ensure an airport offers the services they need for a particular trip.

Do you have a question about flying? Ask a pilot! Call 800/872-2672 or send an e-mail.

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In the Blogs

Here are some recent posts from our Let's Go Flying blogs.

Plan now for summer adventure
By Steve Tupper
As North America gradually becomes warmer and greener, it’s time to start thinking in earnest about the upcoming flying season.  Not that flying stops when the landscape gets white.  In fact, some of the very best flying weather happens in the middle of winter.  Want to know what it feels like to be at pattern altitude before you turn downwind?  Go fly on a cold, clear day! But flying is a much more reliable proposition in the summer.  I live in Michigan, so I never completely discount the possibility of a blizzard in April, but you have a much better chance of getting to fly when you plan to fly. Read more >>

Flying a microlight in South Korea
By Arty Trost
In my last post I said I’d write about some of the places I’ve flown internationally – and why I’m so grateful for our comparative lack of flying limitations here in the U.S. I’ll start with my experience in South Korea. First, let me be very clear that my experiences happened in the fall of 1994 and the regulations have changed since then…but how much, I don’t know. I searched the Web before writing this post but could only find the Korean Civil Aviation Authority website in Korean, not English, and so wasn’t able to track down current regulations. I also found one flying club – Expatflyers.net, which provides LSA training – and a company that gives scenic tours – Aerotourkorea.com – but couldn’t find any of the four ultralight clubs that existed when I was there. Read more >>

Aviation Calendar of Events

Airports all across the United States offer weekend activities, from pancake breakfasts and barbecues to car and air shows. Find out what's going on in your area. You can search by city, state, or geographic region.

The best and brightest in collegiate aviation will land at The Ohio State University Airport May 16-21 for the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) SAFECON.  SAFECON is a national competition that brings together more than 300 students from 30 colleges and universities from across the country. The event includes both flying and ground competitions, such as precision landings and aircraft preflight inspection. To learn more, visit the SAFECON website.

International Learn to Fly Day
The Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) will present International Learn to Fly Day on Saturday, May 21. International Learn to Fly Day is aimed at growing the pilot population by doing two things: tearing down the perceived walls at airports, and getting future pilots up in the sky for their first flight. If you've ever said to yourself, "Someday I really want to experience the freedom of flight," then International Learn to Fly Day is for you. Check out EAA's Find an Event page to find an International Learn to Fly Day event near you.

2011 Air Race Classic
From June 21 to 24, more than 50 aircraft will race over 2,100 nautical miles from Iowa City, Ia. to Mobile, Al. Each aircraft has a team of two or more women pilots who enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of the four-day race. The Air Race Classic is dedicated to encouraging and educating current and future women pilots, increasing public awareness of general aviation, and preserving and promoting the tradition of pioneering women in aviation.  For more information, including a map of the race stops, visit the Air Race Classic website.

Pilots love to take photos, and they love to share them with other pilots. Now you can upload your flying photos to our online gallery, “Air Mail.” Share your special aviation images, or view and rate more than 7,000 photos (and growing). Photos are put into rotation on the AOPA home page!

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