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AOPA is proud to provide the links and contact information for all the companies that advertise in AOPA Publications. When you buy from AOPA advertisers, you help support the advocacy efforts of your association and the general aviation industry as a whole. When you are shopping for aviation products and services we hope you'll give strong consideration to the companies that support GA through their advertising in AOPA Publications.

Whether you've been contemplating buying an aircraft, updating your avionics, acquiring a new rating, or equipping yourself with the latest in pilot gear and gadgets, the manufacturers and retailers that advertise in AOPA Publications are here to serve you and the pilot community.

When you communicate with an advertiser, please let them know you heard about them through AOPA.

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Advertiser Electronic Access Telephone Number
1st Source Bank 574/235-2037
24/7 Business Fly Express 702/878-8787
Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training 866/270-8224
Aero-Space Reports
Aerotrek 812/384-4972
Aerox 800/237-6902
African Aero Safaris
Aircraft Shopper Online 888/992-9276
Aircraft Specialties Services
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty 877/4-SPRUCE
Airfleet Capital 800/390-4324
Airline Transport Professionals 800/255-2877
American Champion Aircraft Corporation 252/534-6315
Arcticair 229/271-7905
Aspen Avionics 888/992-7736
Avemco 800/276-5213
Aviat Aircraft, Inc. 307/885-3151
Aviation Design 800/725-4297
Aviation Seminars 800/257-9444
Ball Watch 727/896-4278
Beechcraft 316/676-0800
Blackhawk 254/755-6711
Bose Corporation 800/356-4097
Breitling Watches 203/762-1180
BRG Precision Products 800/295-0220
Cirrus Aircraft 888/759-9933
Computer Sciences Corporation 800/345-3828
Continental Motors 877/777-1870
CubCrafters, Inc.
David Clark 800/298-6235
Delaware Registry 800/321-CORP
Desser Tire & Rubber 800/247-8473
Double Eagle 800/505-0148
DR Power 877/200-9523
DTC DUAT 800/243-3828
DuraCharts 888/855-8277
Enterprise Holdings 866/315-9155
Everglades University 888/235-8418
Flight of Gold 616/994-3804
Flying Dentists
FreeFlight Systems
Garmin Communication & Navigation 913/397-8200
Gleim Publications 800/874-5346
Guardian Avionics 800/639-7139
Harbor Freight Tools 800/423-2567
Headsets, Inc. 800/876-3374
Hilton Software
HondaJet 888/453-5937
Jet Warbird Training Center 505/471-4151
JP Instruments, Inc. 800/345-4574
King Schools 800/854-1001
L3 Avionics 800/253-9525
Lancair 541/923-2244
Lasergrade 800-211-2754
Levil Technology Corp. 407/542-3971
Lightspeed Aviation 800/332-2421
Luscombe 480/650-0883
MH Oxygen Systems 800/468-8185
MicroAeroDynamics, Inc. 800/677-2370
Mid-Continent Instruments 800/821-1212
National Air Traffic Controllers Association
National Business Aviation Association
Pacific Health 855/820-4055
Penn Avionics 610/409-0328
Phillips 66
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. 303/465-9099
Pilot Communications USA 888/GO-PILOT
Pilot Insurance Center 800/380-8376
Pilots Choice 512/869-1759
Piper Aircraft 866/FLY-PIPER
Preferred Airparts 800/433-0814
Pro Aviation Trainers
PS Engineering 800/427-2376
Quest Aircraft Company 208/263-1111
Raisbeck Engineering 800/537-7277
Robinson Helicopters 310/539-0508
Sandia Aerospace 505/341-2930
Sandy's Airpark @ Sporty's 800/908-4359
Schweiss Doors 507/426-8273
Sennheiser Electronics Corporation 860/434-9190
Sigtronics Corp. 909/305-9399
Simcom Training Center 866/272-8618
Socata 954/893-1400
Sporty's Pilot Shop 800/SPORTYS
Sunstate Aviation
Survival Products 954/966-7329
Tailwheels Etc., Inc. 863/327-6880
Timepieces International Inc. 877/550-8976
Trade-A-Plane 800/337-5263
XM WX Satellite Weather 800/355-0121
AOPA Services
Air Safety Institute - eFIRC
AOPA Aircraft Donation Program 800/872-2672
AOPA Aviation Finance 800/62-PLANE
AOPA Aviation Jobs Board
AOPA Aviation Services 800/USA-AOPA
AOPA Digital Editions
AOPA eBooks
AOPA FlyQ Flight Planner
AOPA Foundation, Inc. 800/USA-AOPA
AOPA Insurance Services 800/622-AOPA
AOPA Jay by Redbird
AOPA Lifestyles Collection
AOPA Pilot Protection Services
AOPA Store
AOPA Strategic Partner
AOPA Youth Program - AV8RS
Bank of America
Vref Publishing 800/773-8733