Copy the following HTML and insert it into your web site:

It will look like this:

This airport's weather widget in AOPA Airports can be embedded on your own site!

You can customize the widget by adding some parameters to the "src" attribute of the iframe. Examples:

  • Set the METAR radius to 30 nautical miles:
  • Set the METAR radius to 30 nm and the TAF radius to 60 nm:

All supported options and their defaults:

metarRadius [20]
The maximum radius for "nearby" METARs in nautical miles.
tafRadius [50]
The maximum radius for "nearby" TAFs in nautical miles.
If this airport does not have a TAF station, pass the ICAO identifier of the preferred TAF station and it will always appear at the top of the list.
refresh [10]
The interval between automatic refreshes, in minutes.

The Plain checkbox state is automatically saved as a preference for each visitor, and it's always the same between your site and AOPA Airports.