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Desert Jet Center (FAA Repair Station #1DJR318M)

Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
56600 Invader

Thermal, CA

Phone: 760-925-5876
Fax: 760-600-5553
Web site:

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Contact and Business Information

Desert Jet CharterAircraft Charter760-399-1000 (Phone)
DetailingDetailing760-925-5876 (Phone)
Desert Jet MaintenanceMaintenance760-394-8500 (Phone)
Unicom frequency:
ARINC frequency:130.85
Monitoring airport CTAF: Yes
  • From 07/01 to 09/30: Sun - Sun, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • From 10/01 to 06/30: Sun - Sun, 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

After hours service available

Credit Cards:Visa, Mastercard, American Express


Jet-A (Epic)$5.06Full Service06/06/17 Source: FBO manager
100LL (Unknown)$6.73FULL Serve01/16/18 Source:
Jet-A (Unknown)$5.68FULL Serve01/16/18 Source:

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Equipment Sales

New aircraft:  Cessna


Not available to the general public


Interior:  Oxygen, Audio Entertainment
Airframe:  FAA Repair, Large, Pre-sales Inspection
Manufacturers supported:  Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna, Pilatus, Dassault, Embraer
Powerplant:  Turbojet, Turboprop, Turbofan, Pre-sales Inspection
Manufacturers supported:  Pratt and Whitney, Williams
Radio and Avionics:  FAA Repair, Autopilot, GPS, Nav Com, Traffic Collision Avoidance TCAS, Emergency Locator Transmitter ELT, Primary Flight Display PFD, Gyroscopic, Radar, Multi Function Display MFD




Landing Facility Services

After Hours$100.00Hourly2-hour minimum required if outside of 1 hour before opening or after closing times
Facility$40.00Per UseLight Helo - waived w/15+ gal fuel
Facility$40.00Per UseSingle Engine Piston - waived w/15+ gal fuel
Facility$60.00Per UseSmall Helo - waived w/30+ gal fuel
Facility$60.00Per UseTwin Engine Piston - waived w/30+ gal fuel
Facility$100.00Per UseUltra Light Jet - waived w/80+ gal fuel
Facility$100.00Per UseMedium Helo - waived w/80+ gal fuel
Facility$100.00Per UseTurboprop - waived w/80+ gal fuel
Facility$150.00Per UseLight Jet - waived w/120+ gal fuel
Facility$150.00Per UseLarge Helo - waived w/120+ gal fuel
Facility$200.00Per UseMid Jet - waived w/200+ gal fuel
Facility$250.00Per UseSuper Mid Jet - waived w/250+ gal fuel
Facility$350.00Per UseHeavy Jet - waived w/300+ gal fuel
Facility$450.00Per UseUltra Heavy Jet - waived w/400+ gal fuel
GPU$0.00No FeeFirst 30 minutes free
Hangar$75.0024 HourSingle Engine Piston
Hangar$100.0024 HourLight Helo
Hangar$125.0024 HourTwin Engine Piston
Hangar$150.0024 HourSmall Helo
Hangar$150.0024 HourUltra Light Jet
Hangar$150.0024 HourTurboprop
Hangar$200.0024 HourLight Jet
Hangar$200.0024 HourMedium Helo
Hangar$250.0024 HourLarge Helo
Hangar$250.0024 HourMid Jet
Hangar$300.0024 HourSuper Mid Jet
Hangar$400.0024 HourHeavy Jet
Hangar$600.0024 HourUltra Heavy Jet
Lavatory$50.00Per Use
Overnight$20.0024 HourLight Helo (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$20.0024 HourSingle Engine Piston (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$30.0024 HourTwin Engine Piston (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$30.0024 HourSmall Helo (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$50.0024 HourMedium Helo (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$50.0024 HourUltra Light Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$50.0024 HourTurboprop (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$65.0024 HourLight Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$65.0024 HourLarge Helo (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$80.0024 HourMid Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$95.0024 HourSuper Mid Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$110.0024 HourHeavy Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Overnight$200.0024 HourUltra Heavy Jet (aka Ramp Fee)
Line Services:  Water, Ground Handling, Concierge, Oxygen Bulk, Detailing, Nitrogen, GPU, Catering, Lavatory Service, Quick-turn Service, Oxygen Bottled
Amenities:  Coffee, Office Space, Ice, Conference Room, Refreshments & Snack Vending, Lounge, Rest Rooms, Weather Briefing Flight Planning Kiosk, Internet, Snooze, Shower
Internet Access: Wireless (Free), Workstation (Free)Transportation:  Crew Car, Rental Car
Rental Agency: 

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