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Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK)
Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone: 224-588-9364

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  • Simulator
  • Restrooms
  • Primary Flight Instruction
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  • Local
  • IFR
  • Complex
  • High Performance
  • VFR
  • Cross Country
  • Glass Panel

Member Comments

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LJTIII - 04/18/2016
I recently purchased a Piper Mirage (PA46). I quickly learned that the transition training to a PA46 is highly specialized, and insurance-approved trainers are scarce. I was thrilled to learn that one such trainer, Jason Unger, was located at my home base. Nevertheless, I did my due diligence and asked around for referrals. I found several fellow PA46 owners in the area that had used Jason for training, and all gave glowing recommendations. Armed with positive referrals and an insatiable quest to learn, I engaged Jason's services for my initial training. I was not disappointed. Jason was knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Above and beyond the initial training, I learned many new things. I clearly came away a better pilot as a result of having worked with Jason.
06490925 - 01/03/2016
After a number of years I've returned to the aviation community. This wouldn't have happened without the expert advice and instruction from Jason Unger and his team. Fly There's impeccably maintained aircraft fleet & Redbird simulator have proven valuable in helping with my flight review and instrument proficiency checks. I consider Jason my go to for all aviation information and expertise as I continue to build my aviation experience and would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to fly.
05528900 - 03/04/2015
I highly recommend Fly There. Since I began flying in 1993, I've worked with and for a variety of operations in many parts of the country, and this is the best run operation I've experienced.
The instructors are friendly and skilled, and the aircraft are very well maintained and immaculate.

For anyone in the Chicagoland area, I can easily and strongly recommend renting and training at Fly There!
MARXNSPARKS - 08/29/2014
There is no need to imagine what the ideal flying organization could be -- Fly There and its aviation professionals are it. One would be hard pressed to find another group of instructors and business managers as dedicated to their profession as Jason and his colleagues; and they do it all without sacrificing safety or cutting corners. Having flown with various other flight schools and flying organizations around the country, I can say none of them have met the high standards maintained by those at Fly There.
DIONCHARLES - 08/26/2014
FLY There LLC is a world class organization. Jason Unger is very humble and always willing to impart his knowledge & experience on you. Instructors Joe & Mike are equally eager and very enthusiastic to share their knowledge and have worked with me on rental checkrides. I am extremely pleased with the services offered, a very modern fleet at the right price points. I will use FLY There LLC for all my general aviation needs and I strongly recommend those that are considering becoming an aviator, getting an additional rating and or require other services that you use FLY There LLC. I endorse Jason Unger and his outstanding team, they really are an amazing bunch!
01413628 - 06/25/2014
I had to get an Initial Training for insurance purposes to fly a Piper Matrix as soon as possible. I searched online and found Jason Unger with Flythere LLC. Jason was very flexible to accomplish the training while we ferried the airplane from Frederick , Maryland (KFDK) to Oakland, California (KOAK). Jason not only provides excellent and professional training, he makes it real and fun. I learn how to fly the airplane efficiently, reduce service costs and use of best practices for handling and servicing.
Rodrigo von Conta
Vonair Ventures, LLC

01310264 - 06/18/2014
I've recently connected with Jason and Joe at FlyThereLLC to find additional airplanes to fly. I received checkouts in two aircraft and found the instruction and professionalism to of the highest standards. In addition, the airplanes are very well equipped! In a day where technology is ever changing, FlyThereLLC's airplanes are up-to-date and offer capabilities most non-owners rarely experience. Finally, Jason and Joe enjoy what they do- they like to fly, they like to teach and they enjoy getting others involved in this passion of flight. I really appreciate their approach and look forward to being connected with them for quite some time.
02281947 - 01/04/2014
I have been a customer of Jason Unger's Fly There LLC since Sept 2013, with the goal of getting current again in light single engine aircraft after years spent mostly up in the flight levels. I found Jason to be an excellent instructor with a calm and professional demeanor that was perfectly matched with the impeccable quality of the aircraft in his fleet. I highly recommend Jason Unger and Fly There LLC for both flight instruction and aircraft rental.
ASGCPA - 10/30/2013
After a 32 year absence from flying, and major medical issues, I was introduced to Fly There LLC by another instructor. After taking their weekend ground school and converting a Canadian license through them, I started my instrument training with Joe and Jason utilizing their Redbird FMX as part of the curriculum. They have always been available to provide excellent training and good advice. One thing that I noticed when compared to flight schools I trained at in my youth, is Jason and Joe truly enjoy teaching and are not there just to build hours. In fact, Joe started teaching after leaving the airlines. I was so impressed with their professionalism, that I started my son with flying lessons with Joe. They also run the local IMC chapter, and they are always there for fellow pilots. An excellent choice in a first class flight operation, run by professional and caring individuals.
GCMURRAY - 10/27/2013
I benefited from Fly There's Redbird simulator and excellent instruction as I prepared for my ATP ride from a "national" flight school (that offers four hours of flight time prior to the actual ride). One of Fly There's instructors went through the exact same program at the "national" school and ran me through the ringer with various profiles and emergencies, also spending considerable time on memory items. All the time was in the simulator, no actual flight. By the time I showed up at the "national" school I only needed two hours in the plane and was ready to go. I passed the ride the first time and can thank Fly There for their capable assistance!
01024640 - 10/20/2013
Fly There has managed my PA46 Mirage since I bought it in 2010. The Mirage was a big step up for me. Jason has served as flight instructor for my transition and recurrent training. And best of all, Jason and Joe gave me my instrument training, enabling me to earn my instrument rating, and now help me to stay current. In all these activities, Fly There has been there for me, making it possible for me to enjoy flying the Mirage! They keep its databases up to date, ensure it is properly maintained, take care of getting repairs that are needed, ensure it stays in compliance, keep it clean and shiny, and generally make it easy for me. On top of this, with the other planes they manage and pilots they train, and their entire, highly professional team of instructors, Fly There has created a community of pilots that meets together to exchange stories and continue learning together. I highly recommend Fly There LLC.
DROSENBLOOM - 07/05/2013
Fly There is a first class operation, with professionalism and excellence in every aspect of their operation. I was very picky about choosing an instructor and a flight school. I did not want one of those schools with young, newly minted, pilots, just trying to build time to get an airline job. I wanted CFIs who are committed to perfecting the art of teaching. I also wanted a place where the planes were maintained with TLC. Jason and his colleagues were where I found both those important qualities; great teaching and great, well cared for planes. Owners, students, and renters all trust Jason and Fly There for the same reason: Every plane is maintained just as an owner would want it. Try Fly There and you will see the difference between it and other operations.
MIKEMELTON - 04/06/2013
I was away from flight instructing for over a year until coming to Fly There in the fall of 2012. I couldn't be happier about flying and teaching again. Everything about Jason's operation - the fleet, aircraft management and maintenance, continuing educational opportunities, camaraderie, professionalism - is a model for best practices. This is what general aviation should be.
RUSNAK - 03/18/2013
I highly recommend Fly There, LLC. I have flown with Jason Unger for many years and his professionalism is second to none. That is why my daughter also learned to fly with Jason at Fly There, LLC. The planes are very well maintained and the flight school is wonderfully run.
SBRAVERMAN - 03/08/2013
Simply put - I have flown with a number of pilots at a few schools over the years and Jason and his team at Fly There are the most professional pilots with the cleanest fleet of aircraft. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
RBGETZ - 03/08/2013
I've been flying since 1981 and flew commercially for many years. During that time I've been through many flight operations; some good and some not so good. I was introduced to Fly There, LLC when I required a biannual flight review two years back. Jason Unger runs his operation to the highest of aviation standards. As for flight instruction I've flown with both Jason and Joe Bartosiak, and both are extremely competent professional pilots. Whether you're looking for aircraft management, a biannual flight review, Instrument Proficiency, or primary and advanced flight instruction in the Chicago area, there is no other operation on that field I'd recommend.
9 years later, Flight World Ltd. continues to provide excellent flight training! The instructors are professionals who are truly committed to help students and pilots of all levels advance their aviation skills. i have flown with them over the past 4 years and have obtained my private, instrument, multi-engine and commercial licenses.
The new Redbird FMX AATD enhances the training experience for pilots at all levels. It can be used to duplicate the experience of flying when the weather is bad, as well as train for emergency situations that cannot or should not be demonstrated in the airplane.
The fleet of airplanes available for rental are extraordinarily equipped, very well maintained and stored inside heated hangars. I volunteer as an Angel Flight pilot and am proud to fly these aircraft to complete those missions!


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