Intrepid Red Barons, Inc.

Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport (KGRB)
Green Bay, WI 54313
Phone: 920-819-8570

Club Facilities

  • Online Flight Scheduler


This limited membership flying club celebrates its 50th year in 2015, and provides equity shares of Cessna 182P and 172M aircraft at approximately $10,000/member. Hourly usage rates are wet, and are lower than the FBOs. Monthly fees are used for insurance, hangar rent, and maintenance. All maintenance current. The Cessna 182 received a new interior in 2013. Financial position is excellent, with engine overhauls funded in advance. Online flight scheduling allows you to reserve months in advance. Club membership includes a flight instructor, which is great for bi-annual flight reviews. With two aircraft to choose from you always have a plane to fly. Join us, and enjoy the good life!

Type of Flying Available

  • IFR
  • VFR
  • Local
  • High Performance
  • Cross Country


Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 12
  • Average number of Aircraft: 2
  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

Club Contacts