Cloud One Flying Club

Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport (KMKC)
Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 816-516-2010

Club Facilities

  • Online Flight Scheduler
  • AOPA Network Club


The Cloud One Flying Club is a 25 year old non-profit organization based at the Downtown Airport (KMKC) in Kansas City, MO. The 18 club members each own an equal share of the 1968 Piper Arrow 180 and the 1976 Cessna 172M that make up the club fleet.

Born out of a desire to fly well maintained aircraft economically, the Cloud One Flying Club still makes this possible today.

Because each club member is an owner, unlike the renting environment, care is taken by all to ensure safety, compliance, and quality in both of our aircraft.

The club currently has one member with their CFII and two approved flight instructors who are available to help you pursue that next rating, or just to help you stay current in your flying. Our dynamic scheduling process and rules are fair to everyone who wants to fly for a yearly vacation, training or just poking holes in the sky. As far as our members, we are a diverse and dynamic group of folks who have come together to share their love of flying.

Type of Flying Available

  • IFR
  • Complex
  • Local
  • Cross Country


Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 18
  • Average number of Aircraft: 2
  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

Club Contacts