South Seminole Flying Club, Inc.

Orlando Sanford International Airport (KSFB)
Longwood, FL 32791
Phone: 407-869-6900

Club Facilities

  • Clubhouse
  • Restrooms
  • Online Flight Scheduler
  • Kitchen/Food
  • AOPA Network Club


Type of Flying Available

  • Local
  • IFR
  • VFR
  • Cross Country

Member Comments

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AHOFFBERG - 08/27/2013
Besides its aircraft being fully equipped for IFR, the Club provides VFR and IFR charts/approach plates/airport directories for use by the members. These materials are located in the Club's hangar library.

The aircraft radio and navigation equipment includes XM WX radio, which provides current composite weather maps and related information while in flight. This weather display also incorporates a color moving map superimposed upon the related sectional chart.

The club maintains subscriptions for the above weather information, the GPS, as well as the charts and reference materials.

Other equipment includes dual communication and navigation radios (separate ILS and localizer gauges), and ADF.

One of the Club members flies Angel Flight Missions for Angel Flight Southeast. This member enjoys the challenge of flying IFR in Florida and the surrounding states because it involves interpreting the weather information and avoiding thunder storms or significant up/down drafts; furthermore, only serious flights take place in IMC conditions, which means few aircraft are in the air and there is no radio congestion in the flying area except in the vicinity of the international airports due to the volume of departing/arriving flights.
AHOFFBERG - 08/27/2013
The Club is located in the South East Ramp of the Airport Operations Area (AOA). The AOA is secured meaning it is fenced and ID badge access is required.. Consequently, please contact us by telephone to see the facilities.


Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 5
  • Average number of Aircraft: 1
  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

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