Park Forest South Aviation Group

Lake Village Airport (C98)
Phone: 219-992-9068

Club Facilities

  • Clubhouse
  • Restrooms
  • AOPA Network Club


Non-profit Chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

Introductory rides and glider instruction for Sport, Private and Commercial Glider ratings. Tow pilot training. Instruction for new or add-on glider rating. Cross-country soaring, aero- and ground-tow instruction is also available. A glider rating is achievable in 1 to 2 seasons for new pilots and within 1 season for add-on pilots.

Membership fee is $129 per year which includes membership in the Soaring Society of America, Inc. Membership is required. No initiation fee. Scholarships are available. All member tow pilots and instructors are volunteers. Aircraft and towing fees are kept at a minimum.

Aircraft available: Cessna 150H (STOL kit); Schweizer 2-33; Schweizer 1-26; Grob G-103; Rolladen-Schneider LS-1

A Civil Air Patrol Schweizer 2-33 glider is also available for flight instruction at minimal rates (membership in Civil Air Patrol required to access this glider).

Flight operations April through November on weekends (weekdays by appointment). Winter activities include aircraft maintenance and ground instruction.

Overnight facilities and camping is available on the field for a small charge. Bi-weekly cookouts and movie nights in the summer.

Type of Flying Available

  • Light Sport
  • Glider
  • VFR
  • Local
  • Cross Country


Club Details

  • Organization Type: Not-for-Profit
  • Average Membership Size: 25
  • Average number of Aircraft: 6
  • Memberships Currently Available: Yes

Club Contacts